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Recent Comments,

Questions & Queries from other Club La Costa Timeshare, Points & Fractional Owners.

Timeshare Owner Queries

We receive comments, questions and queries from scores of troubled Club La Costa Timeshare, Points & Fractional owners members each month and have published some examples below.  You can read more recent comments from other CLC owners here


To find out about the recent landmark legal case against Club La Costa, please click here.  

Or, for more comments from customers of CLC & other Timeshare Groups, click here.


18th June 2016 - Mrs Mary D - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Like to get out and get my money back, or at least some of it."

17th June 2016 - Mrs Stephanie J - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Soaring maintenance fees & change of circumstances me we are struggling to pay fees.  How can we get out and get we get any money back?"

16th June 2016 - Mrs Joy A - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Could you help us?  Because we feel sure we were mis-sold"

16th June 2016 - Mr Anthony D - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought CLC vacation club in 2007. Unable to book holidays we want and constantly being targeted to buy more/convert to fractional. We want out of contract."

14th June 2016 - Mrs Helen L, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)  

"Increase in management fees and lack of availability means these points are useless and a con."

9th June 2016 - Mrs Gillian M, Berkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Feel really fed up with the ever increasing maintenance fees, lack of availability. We basically could book a very good accommodation for the fees we pay each year without having forked out the £20k odd we did."

7th June 2016 - Mrs Ivanka K, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I am not happy with my membership at all. I feel misled as it's not as they described it initially. It's so hard to book although my contract is for 1 week high season. On the top of this they keep increasing their fees and I cannot afford it any more. I tried to sell it, but there's no interest. That is why I would like to claim my money back as I'm not receiving what I paid for."

6th June 2016 - Mr G Y - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I have experienced all the difficulties outlined on your website - and more."

6th June 2016 - Mrs Patricia J, County Down - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We have been repeatedly sold more points and cannot cope with the Management Fees which are very expensive."

3rd June 2016 - Miss Andre T, Londonderry - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Please help me get out of this as I took finance in November 2014. It is costing me £320 per month and I'm not happy with the service of CLC or the way it was sold. Thank you, Andre."

2nd June 2016 - Mr Thomas A, County Down - Club La Costa (CLC)

"My circumstances have changed and I will be finding it hard to repay this. Plus when I went back to CLC I was pressured into buying and upgrading to the signature suites. Which was £30000 more."

31st May 2016 - Mrs Katia P, Northamptonshire -    Club La Costa (CLC)

"Want to get out of Club la Costa , but I don't know how."

31st May 2016 - Mrs Yvonne N, London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Our concerns relate to gross misrepresentation of services purchased in 2007 from CLC.  By way of Substandard accommodation, inflated management fees, which were were informed would be standard, but kept rising. During the vacation we were told we had to attend a 90 min presentation, which turned out to be a pressurised 5 hour long session, blinded by facts and figures, to upgrade and purchase extra points, through deposit and signed finance via GE Money.. We also found we could not book holidays on the dates we requested. We were very disappointed with the service and have been endeavouring to obtain redress from CLC and GE Money."

26th May 2016 - Mr Hugh H - Club La Costa (CLC)  

"Looking to get out of fractional contract as ill health has restricted any future use of holiday property, I've tried talking to CLC but they are just not interested."

24th May 2016 - Ms S N, Neath Port Talbot - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We got bullied into a fractional ownership last year and have been told we won't be able to get out of it. There were a lot of personal circumstances surrounding us buying into it."

24th May 2016 - Mr Steven V, Devon - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I have lost my job and can't afford to pay the £600.00 monthly amount so we want to look at coming out of our CLC World Membership"

22nd May 2016 - Mr Richard F, Surrey - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I have been frustrated with CLC for a long time and would like to see how I could make a claim."

21st May 2016 - Mrs V H, Greater Manchester - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought into Club la Costa after a hard sell, haven't used it once as cannot afford the maintenance fees.  Worked out that the loan will cost us £35,000 for a product we will never use. Tried to get out of it but told was sold in a Spanish country. They are a terrible company please help."

19th May 2016 - Miss Donna C, South Yorkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We were bullied into upgrading to full membership, never to be used."

18 May 2016 - Mrs Deborah D, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"After buying into fractional to reduce the length of ownership from points, I feel we are getting nowhere. Cannot get booked at times we would like as too many properties are now privately owned or used by other marketing companies. Maintenance fees are a joke. Not a happy camper."

18 May 2016 - Ms Olivia H, Elginshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"I want to cancel my CLC membership and if possible get the 8 months finance back. Is it possible ?"

13 May 2016 - Miss M O, London - Club La Costa (CLC) 

"It's been a year now that we have been paying 250 every month. They are unable to supply us any holiday of our choice, they only want us to go to a resort we have already been to. I think this is a trap and waste of money. What ever they said at the point of joining is always the opposite when it's time to book holiday."

12 May 2016 - Mr Glenn M, Devon - Club La Costa (CLC)  

"Had to stop paying charges as out of our budget. Whenever requesting resorts we were always told it was full and needed to reserve at least 3 yrs in advance. Tried to sell on, but they just ended up trying to sell us something else. Got up and walked out. CLC is a big con"

10 May 2016 - Mr Danny R - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"I have a fractional timeshare with CLC which i want to be free of . The yearly maintenance is crippling."

07 May 2016 - Ms Liz H - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I am furious and frustrated and confused. We joined this on the advice that we could book all a special holiday to Vegas and Mexico in 2017 and that when we increase from fraction to signature points we would have more than enough for our big special holiday plus using CLC points for weeks in tenerife.  I asked the liason rep about the option of withdrawing at any time and he assured me this was the case - no problem.  I have been on today to membership services trying to book our holidays to be told we don't have the total points they promised by combining our previous fractional points to exchange signature points and premium points. So I feel we have been misinformed as we made it very clear the purpose we were joining and I'm paying money every week and not getting what I thought."

06 May 2016 - Mr Paul W - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"We own 2 fractional weeks. Last maintenance fees were about £1000"

05 May 2016 - Mr Andy C, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought CLC Points (Vacation Club) with finance from GE Money in 2007. Costing £18000."

01 May 2016 - Mr Iain D, Renfrewshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Platinum member holding 3001 points and finding difficulty in using points and obtaining accommodation. How can I get out of this as the points appear  to have no value and the annual fees are onerous."

28 April 2016 - Mrs Alma M, Middlesex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I made a wrong decision  in joining CLC. Pls help."

25 April 2016 - Mr Rob M, Suffolk - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"We spent £10k on fractional ownership 3 years ago. I was all for it, my wife wasn't 100%. Now, however, after many conversations with friends and family, we just want to get out of our 19 year contract. We feel ripped off. Please help."

20 April 2016 - Mr David B, Surrey - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"I have been a member for just over one year and so far even with 8 months notice I have been told that none of the resorts are available and the customer service is a joke, as is the rise in maintenance fees"

15th April 2016 - Mrs Karen M - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Finding same problems as many others. Cannot book holidays too far in advance. Being told there is absolutely nothing available in the UK until October even if we transfer points (at further cost) to RCI. Cannot go abroad at the moment and we will lose our points at end of December. Feel we have been well and truly conned."

15th April 2016 - Mr W R, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Been a points member of CLC since 2009. Is my "perpetuity contract" valid?  I have not paid maintenance fees for 2016 yet."

14th April 2016 - Mr Mike S, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Looking for advice on exit and reclaiming cost of unused product"

14th April 2016 - Mr P T, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"I'm looking to get out of my commitment as I feel I'm paying way over the odds for what was promised"

14th April 2016 - Mr James W, Leicestershire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We have a 3 year trial membership fully paid with CLC World. We have taken the first 4 weeks, but CLC World has now stated there is no availability for us to use the final 2 weeks before expiry of our trial membership (given we are limited to school holidays - as they were aware when we signed). What options do I have to claim money back? They have not responded to my email."

13th April 2016 - Mr Frank D, Renfrewshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Trying to find out if we are due any compensation for mis-selling of product?"

2nd March 2016, Mrs Carol A, Inverness-Shire - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Need advice on cancelling timeshare  and claiming costs and maintenance fees back"

12th April 2016 - Ms Yulia M - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Just want to see if you can help us to get put of our Club la costa timeshare."

12th April 2016 - Mr John S, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Ever increasing annual fees. They are constantly selling new schemes which are reducing the opportunities to book accommodation.  Scheme has progressively worsened, especially with the elimination of "2 for 1" periods"

11th April 2016 - Mr Stuart R - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional    

"Fractional member and not impressed with product we have against what was promised at point of sale. Limited avalibility on accommodation, spiralling management fees, additional costs per points to book each time and very little additional development in last few years."

11th April 2016 - Mrs Catherine C - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought 5 weeks trial membership for £3995, every time I try to book a week t am told it is not available.?? Feeling very worried that we have been CONNED."

7th April 2016 - Mrs Eryn G, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"We went on what we thought was a holiday we won, but turned out to be timeshare. We bought under pressure and did not know what to do. We thought we would be able to cope but then went on another holiday that we could not really afford and were pressured to upgrade.  Now there are fees to pay and we cant even use it! Please can you help as there is a high finance bill with it as well that we cant afford to pay. How can we just get out of it all?"

5th April 2016 - Miss Kathy F, County Armagh - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional 

"Not happy want out....unaware of maintenance fees and that it would be a loan from another source meaning bank... totally misleading.  Joined July last year haven't even used points as just returned from bonus week given to us for joining but on bonus week was pressurised into upgrading to signature. I am livid and horrified that I was drawn into this scam....I want my loan cancelled ASAP."

5th April 2016 - Mrs K V, Greater London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We bought our timeshare in Sep 2011,  the worldwide resorts that we were promised no longer exist and the ones that do either have no availability or have a compulsory fee to pay to book plus points it's very frustrating and we were totally Mis-sold.  How do I completely come out of the contract and the annual yearly charge which keeps going up?"

5th April 2016 - Mr Alec C, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought initial week in 2002 converting to points soon after. Have since upgraded to have enough points for school holidays... However worried about liability for children in future ,ising maintenance costs and use of resorts by non-members. Initial purchase and points upgrade was done on finance but paid off early. Where do we stand?"

12th March 2016, Mrs Diane D, Herefordshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Points


"Would like to get out of contract and get our purchase money and fees back. Have been members since 2003"

10th March 2016, Mr Barrington G, Greater London - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"CLC is very disingenuous in their behaviour and is only interested in profits while their standards and services is in free fall. The annual maintenance fees is a total rip-off"

10th March 2016, Mrs Penelope E, Staffordshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"I am unable to book holidays at a place and date of my choice.  I now have an excess of points and will lose some of them at the end of the year.  This makes me realise I am paying for nothing. I want to get out of my contract."

5th March 2016, Mr Ray V, Shropshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Getting divorced, can't afford payments. Help needed urgently."

2nd March 2016, Mrs Carol A, Inverness-Shire - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Need advice on cancelling timeshare  and claiming costs and maintenance fees back"

1st March 2016, Mr Rowan A - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought a 5 week trial membership with club la costa in 2010 but cannot book any holidays due to unavailability"

1st March 2016, Mr Rob W, West Yorkshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Would like to exit CLC as the maintenance is constantly increasing."

1st March 2016, Mrs Donna R, West Midlands - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Due to ill health I can't afford to go on holiday or the management fees now, just want out of the contract… need advice!"

29th February 2016, Mr David G - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"I used to think CLC to be an honest company but this recent court ruling makes me think that maybe we were wrong."

26th February 2016, Mr Paul S, Club La Costa (CLC)

"I believe we have been mis-sold Timeshare and wish to learn more about claiming against CLC"

24th February 2016, Mr Colin W, West Yorkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We purchased a timeshare option from Club La Costa, after attending an introductory meeting at their office in Hunslet Leeds. Unfortunately we do not have any paperwork regarding the contract, however we were extremely disgruntled with the service once our money was paid (in excess of £2,000). We attended a holiday complex in Tenerife with friends (short break for 4 people), there we were subjected to a full day of hard sell, during which time we did not purchase the full package as the properties were of a standard well below that advised.

We had no recourse to claim back our deposit and as such effectively lost our deposit. I have since received a call from CLC World (Club La Costa) on the evening of Tuesday 23rd February 2016 at 7.45pm stating that I had been chosen to receive 80% off a 5* holiday for 2 on the Costa Del Sol or Tenerife (our previous destination). I declined the offer being highly suspicious of the hard sell tactics once again, I was then offered a 3/4 days 5* break in Foye, Cornwall again I declined the offer.


Having since checked the company CLC World and found them to be the company who literally duped a substantial amount of cash from us, I saw your complaints process, hence I am seeking advice as to process against CLC World. Thank you."

24th February 2016, Mr Shane M, Cambridgeshire - Club La Costa Fractional

"Please help us get out if this fractional apartment we feel they pushed us into it."

23rd February 2016, Mrs Shanti J - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Recently I went to CLC World resort Malaga as part of promotional offer.  Then they said there was a presentation.  I attended.  Then they said you have to pay £189 a month and maintenance fees of £890 pound . Then they said in 13 years or before you have pay around £25000 and I'll have a 1.9% fraction in a Tenerife Paradise resort property.   They said that, after 19 years will sell the property and I will get the value of my fraction. We are really worried about this  this company!  Its nearly £3000 per year we have pay for this.  Have we been trapped?"

22nd February 2016, Mr Arthur T, Middlesex - Club La Costa Fractional

"We want to claim back our timeshare and management fees and cancel our contract"

18th February 2016, Mr Trevor R, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Hi there!  Joined CLC around 2001 and then upgraded in 2002 but was mis-sold the product.  Could not get Holidays requested etc etc...  I have been paying substantial amounts of moneys since but now feel enough is enough."

18th February 2016, Mrs J Z, East Sussex - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional 

"Want to get out of our timeshare with CLC as they persuaded us to upgrade to their signature suite at another £10,000.  We are now in debt for £20,000 tied in with their loan people.  Have paid no money off our loan for 2 years and now they are telling us we need to pay £1000 a year maintenance fees and we also can't book our suite when we want... We want out."

17th February 2016, Dr Solomon O, Hertfordshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Totally fed up. Feel conned right from the beginning and trapped in a bad contract I can not get out of. Can you help?"

17th February 2016, Mr Ian J, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Can't book a holiday this year or next year in my chosen destination"

16th February 2016, Mrs Kath C - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Would love to leave Club La Costa.  Please help!"

"Can I cancel my Club La Costa Fractional membership?  I am in partnership with two other couples"


15th February 2016, Mr Ray H, Greater Manchester - CLC Fractional

"I want to get my full paid-for value of the FPOC that I currently hold with CLC World.  I am currently paying back a loan that I had to take to pay off the 'loan shark' type loan that CLC pushed me into on signing up to the FPOC 2 ownership."


13th February 2016, Mr A A, London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I would just like to get away from my Club La Costa contract."


12th February 2016, Mr Douglas H, Derbyshire - CLC Points

"I was persuaded to upgrade to fractional but feel I was mis-sold and would like to get out and try to recoup some of my money"

8th February 2016, Mrs Margaret M - CLC Fractional

"Fees are very high already and will soon be too high for me to pay."


8th February 2016, Mr Mike R, West Glamorgan - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We would like to get out of the time share points as it has got to much as we pay £1200 maintenance and £246 a month for points. How can we do this?"


8th February 2016, Mr Mark E, Greater Manchester - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Felt very pressured into buying and my health has since deteriorated."


4th February 2016, Ms Carol F - CLC World

"I would like to leave CLC and would like help"


3rd February 2016, Mrs H S, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We have only had timeshare 3 years but want to get out as it is simply not cost effective for us, i.e. places not available, flights too expensive and cheaper all-inclusive package deals available elsewhere, some of which are not only to the same resort but also to the same hotel!  On top of this there is also a maintenance fee.... so there appears to be no benefit whatsoever."


31st January 2016, Mrs Sandra M, Derbyshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I wish to get out of my CLC Fractional ownership."


30th January 2016, Mr Robin M, West Midlands - CLC Fractional

"I have tried to get out and had numerous issues including that I bought this with my husband and together had extended family . He died tragically 3 years ago and I now only have me and my child. The problem is I have no paperwork I went through an awful time after he died and his family destroyed the paperwork... I can't afford the maintenance and don't want to go on holiday so I am just getting further in debt. Please help me!!!!"


30th January 2016, Mrs Deborah B, Yorkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We are FPOC members with CLC and just want to know if we can walk away from this or even get any money back/ compensation?"


30th January 2016, Mr Brian B, Lincolnshire - Club La Costa FPOC

"I wanted to get out of this contract last year and was told I couldn't, today I received a statement for the 12 months of payments to Shawbrook loans and have only paid £15 off the original amount. I thought the HP was with CLC but apparantly it's with Shawbrook for "home improvements" which I didn't know I had.  I desperately need to get out of this as ... I cannot afford almost £500 per month"


28th January 2016, Mrs Julie P, Teesside - CLC Fractional 

"Had 2 fixed weeks Time Share with CLC since approximately 1986.  Need to get out"


20th January 2016, Mr Nick L - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I purchased a CLC Timeshare in August 2007 and took out a loan with GE Money.  I paid the management charges and the GE Money loan repayments for a number of years but due to changes in personal circumstances I never used the facility at all and was unable to continue payments.  I paid £1000s in fees and loan repayments and was threatened with legal action by both CLC and GE Money who still send loan statements out and have placed a default on my credit file."


19th January 2016, Mr Colin P, Greater London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We bought into CLC World In August 2014.  We bought 5 weeks and have only managed to use one. My husband has set weeks for his holidays, which we told them when we bought the weeks. We were told that booking out of school holidays would make booking easier. We have tried to book holidays without much success. I had to ask them what they had available for the weeks my husband is off. This is not what we signed up for. We have to use the remaining 4 weeks up by August 2017. We would rather cancel the agreement as it not what we first thought."


18th January 2016, Mrs D B, London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Feel I have been mis-sold a time-share"


18th January 2016, Mr Shane B, Surrey - Club La Costa (CLC)​

10th January 2016, Ms Carol F - Club La Costa (CLC) Points    

"Health has deteriorated can no longer use our points.  Do not want to be a member any more and it is very stressful trying to find the maintenance money etc…"

9th January 2016, Mrs Julie S - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Pressured sales, upgraded under pressure, now finding it unaffordable.  Its not exclusive as we were told, places are not all 5 star as we were told, hardly used any points in the almost 2 years, maintenance just paid and up to date. We were told we could sell it back to CLC if required but now told this is not possible..."

7th January 2016, Mr Colin M - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Ever increasing maintainance fees, no possibility to resell."

6th January 2016, Mr Arnold W - RCI/Club La Costa Points

"The resorts are not suitable for us anymore as my wife cannot manage hilly areas (CLC have agreed about this) and also we cannot long flights."

2nd January 2016, Mr Brian D, Surrey - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"We feel that we were conned into buying something that doesn't actually deliver what it is meant to."

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