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What Will Your Maintenance Fee Liabilities be?

For many of the timeshare owners we help, the ever-increasing maintenance fee liabilities are the main reason for wanting to get out of their contract.


Depending on which group/resort you are with and when you first signed up for your timeshare (especially in that was 10, 15, 20... years ago), the fees probably seemed like token amounts to start with. But the timeshare groups/resorts are greedy and the rate of increase has often run at an average of 5-10% per year or more.  


This may not seem too much year-on-year but, over a long-term contract, the figures can be astonishing.


For example, let's assume your annual fees for 2019 are £600. Based on an average 6% year-on-year increase, working backwards, you would have been paying £335 per year in 2009 and just £187 per year in 1999. 


Now, looking ahead based on this same rate of increase, the fees that you/your family are contracted to pay over the next the 30 years would be over £50,280 between now and 2049 - unless you do something about it. The table below illustrates the fee liabilities to which you and your family are likely to be committed over the coming years:

2019 Fees      £600.00 
2019-2029     £8,383.00 
2019-2039     £23,395.00 
2019-2049     £50,280.00 
2019-2059     £98,427.00 

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