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2 - What is my timeshare worth?


The real question should be 'What is my timeshare contract worth to my timeshare resort/group?'


As per the previous Q/A, timeshare sadly has no resale value.  However your timeshare contract certainly DOES have a significant value to your timeshare group/resort, as it is (a) likely to have a very long term still to run and (b) includes a legal requirement for you to pay ever-increasing maintenance fees at a rate of set by the timeshare group/resort, throughout the remainder of the contract term.  To find out how much your timeshare is worth to 'them', please click here

3 - How can I get out of my timeshare contract and stop paying fees?


This is where Timeshare Advice Network comes in.  The team at Timeshare Advice Network has a wealth of experience in helping & advising timeshare owners to fully and finally exit their contracts for timeshares all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.  Once completed, this process will mean that you and your family will be entirely free from your timeshare commitments and you will have no further fee liabilities to the timeshare group/resort in question.  


Every case is different and the first step is to assess your Timeshare Exit Options today.  We will then be able to confirm whether and how we can help you - and please remember that our advice is independent and unbiased, as we have no connection with the resorts, timeshare groups or bodies who either directly or indirectly benefit from your ever-increasing timeshare fee payments.

4 - Which timeshare resorts/groups can Timeshare Advice Network help with?


The team at Timeshare Advice Network have many years of experience in arranging for timeshare owners to get out of their unwanted timeshare, points or fractional contracts with groups/resorts throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world - and we have had particular success in helping customers of Club La Costa/CLC (Now Wyndham Hotels & Resorts), Diamond Resorts International/DRI (Now Hilton Grand Vacations)Anfi Group,   RCI,  Silverpoint,  Marriott,  Resort Properties, and Wimpen/OnaGroup among others


There are however certain timeshare contracts that we are not currently able to deal with.  So, for a truly independent view of where you stand and to find out whether & how we can help you, please find out your Timeshare Exit Options today. 

5 - Can we claim any money back?


For most of the timeshare owners who come to us for help, getting out of the timeshare contract is the main priority.  However, Timeshare Advice Network can also advise on the expanding range of potential avenues for Compensation Claims against the timeshare resorts, groups and associated finance providers.

6 - What will it cost to exit my timeshare contract?


Every case is different and there are a wide number of factors which may affect the amount of work involved - and therefore the costs - for arranging for you to fully, finally and legally exit your contract.  What we can tell you is that we will only take up your case, whether for exiting your timeshare contract, pursuing a compensation claim... or both, if we are fully confident that we will be able to successfully complete the process on your behalf.


Whilst we are able to help in the vast majority of cases, there are certain timeshare contracts that we are not currently able to deal with.  So, for a truly independent view of where you stand and how we can help you, please see your Timeshare Exit Options today.  

1 - Why can't I sell my timeshare?


When they were first sold their timeshares, many owners were promised that their timeshare "investment" would hold its value - or even increase in value - and that it could be sold at a later date.  Such promises were also used to explain why it was advantageous for the contract to be 'in perpetuity'.  The reality is that your timeshare contract actually has no resale value - as evidenced by the fact that there are hundreds of timeshares for sale on websites like eBay for next to nothing, but they never sell. You can see examples here


This is also why the "timeshare resale" companies try to charge up-front if you use them to try and sell your timeshare.  They know that no-one will buy - and that they make all their income from listing fees.  So please find out your Timeshare Exit Options today.

Frequently Asked Questions


In all likelihood, you will have received a lot of different, conflicting answers about your timeshare already!  


If and when you contact you timeshare group/resort to talk about getting out of your contract, giving it back to them or even trying to sell... please remember that you will be asking the very people who have the most to lose!  

Your timeshare contract, which may run for another 30, 40, 50 years... or even in perpetuity, is worth a lot of money to them (see how much here), so they have a huge vested interest in keeping you as a fee-paying customer.  The advice they give you is highly likely to be clouded & biased and we very often hear that the Timeshare resorts use these approaches as a way to generate more sales, by trying to "upgrade" or replace existing timeshare contracts with new products such as Fractional ownership.  Please beware!


At Timeshare Advice Network, we're different.  We're an entirely independent organisation offering truly unbiased, expert advice & services.  We are neither funded by, nor "partners with" the timeshare groups/resorts, the timeshare industry lobby, so-called "timeshare resellers" or any other self-interested parties.


To find out more, please Contact us, or check these FAQs below:


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