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How to Contact Us!


If you are a member of Timeshare, Points, Floating Weeks, Fractional or other 'Holiday Ownership' scheme and are looking for independent advice, please complete the brief "Find Out Your Options" form in the first instance.  


Alternatively, please call one of our expert advisers now on 01628 290499 or use the Contact Form below.  Your enquiry will be directed to the relevant team depending on which Timeshare Group/Resort you are with and an expert adviser will provide you with an initial assessment based on your specific circumstances.

Tuesday 16th July 2024 - Update: We remain fully equipped to provide help and advice remotely via telephone/video calls. However, our offices are again open to welcome you, should you prefer to arrange to meet in person. Please make your preferences known to your advisor, thank you!

If you have a press, marketing, business or careers enquiry, please use the Contact Form.

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