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Get out of RCI Sunset Beach Club Timeshare

- Are your RCI Timeshare fees too high & rising each year?

- Do you find it hard to book the holidays you were promised, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began?

- Can't sell or even give away your Timeshare?
- Did you pay a deposit or sign for finance on the day?

- Do you just want to get out your RCI Timeshare for good?


Timeshare Advice Network provides independent, expert advice and services to members of many types of timeshare, points & holiday ownership schemes and has already helped a high number of RCI Timeshare Weeks or Points owners who were looking for a way out of their long-term contracts.

And now, following a series of groundbreaking Court judgments on Mis-Sold Timeshare - with full refunds of up to £40,000 being awarded to timeshare customers - it is important that you find out your rights and see if you may also be entitled to a refund on grounds of mis-selling.


The RCI timeshare owners who contact us often report high, fast-increasing maintenance fees; great difficulty in booking the holidays they want due to poor availability (even though the same resort/date is advertised as being available to the paying public); frequent pressure to upgrade to more expensive membership levels; broken promises in regards to how points can be used or banked; and general dissatisfaction that their timeshare experiences are now falling well short of what was promised when they first bought into the RCI concept.


To find out your options and to see if you could claim money back, please complete the brief SEE YOUR OPTIONS form or call us now on  01628 290499.

Tuesday 16th July 2024 - Update: We remain fully equipped to provide help and advice remotely via telephone/video calls. However, our offices are again open to welcome you, should you prefer to arrange to meet in person. Please make your preferences known to your advisor, thank you!

Mrs Julia P - RCI Fixed Week

"We own week 25 in Mallorca. We were hijacked off of the street and put into a cab, then sold a blue week under the pretence we could swap it for a red. Since then we have tried to sell it back to them only to be told that we needed to buy into another scheme called the Ambassadors Club. We are unable to holiday anywhere else due to having to pay the maintenance fees or lose our money. This cost about £15000 to purchase. Do we have a claim?"  Read more...

Mrs Bernadette B, Lincolnshire - RCI Points

"We were sold this product after been shown a brochure and we were lead to believe that we would get this standard wherever we went, which was simply not true."   Read more...

Free Yourself from your 
RCI Timeshare, Save £££££s in Future Fees & Claim Money Back
Timeshare Exit Options


For the vast majority of people who come to us for help, the primary concern is to simply get out of the long-term fee liabilities to which they find themselves & their families committed.


It is often when changes in personal circumstances (e.g. health, mobility, bereavement, financial, relationships etc...) mean that the Timeshare scheme will no longer be of use - at which point it can suddenly clear that the Timeshare has no resale value and, worse still, carries significant, long-term fee commitments. 

Please be very wary of what your Timeshare scheme operator may have told you if you have approached them directly as, believe it or not, they will often see this as an opportunity to try and sell you a Fractional ownership scheme on the promise of recouping your investment.


For honest, independent advice, please contact us today.

No-Win-No-Fee Timeshare Claims


Whilst it has only been in the last couple of years that news of an ever-increasing number of successful claims are being made against a growing number of Resorts & Timeshare scheme operators - mis-selling has been rife since the laws changed in 1999 but were largely flaunted by arrogant Timeshare sales operations, and it is estimated that 1000s of claims were settled out of Court, with confidentiality claims attached to prevent news spreading to the wider Timeshare member community.

However, since the high profile "Grimsbo vs Anfi SL" case in 2015, the floodgates have opened and the Spanish Courts in particular have been extremely busy, with an ever-increasing number of legal precedents being set and the the legal tide turning firmly in favour of the consumer at last.


To find out whether you have grounds for a mis-selling claim and/or whether your Timeshare contract is simply illegal and can be declared Null & Void, please contact one of our expert advisers today.

Our Guarantee


The chances are that, having reached the point that you've decided that you wish to exit your Timeshare scheme, you will quickly find out that the promises made when you were originally sold the Timeshare will turn out to be false.


People were commonly sold Timeshares as "an investment" with promises of rising values, buy-back schemes and ease of re-selling whenever you decided to do so...

However, you only need to look on eBay to see hundreds of people desperately trying to sell their Timeshares for 99p... with no takers of course.


The sad fact is that there are very few 'Good' and a great deal of 'Bad & Ugly' Timeshare scheme operators out there - and they will do whatever they can to keep their members locked into unfair contracts, paying increasingly extortionate annual fees.


If you need some initial guidance from the independent experts, we're here to help...

Here to Help

For FREE expert advice on how to solve your Timeshare problems and to see whether you may have been mis-sold, please call one of our friendly advisors now on 01628 290499 or use the short form above to see your options.  


We'll listen to your concerns, then advise you on your best options for exiting your Timeshare contract and whether you have potential grounds for a mis-selling claim.

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