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Exit your Timeshare contract

Timeshare Exit

Timeshare Contract Exit


Historically, Timeshare Advice Network has primarily helped and advised Timeshare owners to fully, finally and legally exit their timeshare contracts and ongoing fee liabilities. We provide independent, unbiased advice regarding exit from contracts with timeshare groups and resorts all over the UK, Europe, the USA and the rest of the world and the team have particular experience & success in helping customers of the following:


Diamond Resorts InternationalClub La Costa (CLC)SilverpointRCI,  Wimpen ResortsResort PropertiesMarriott Resorts ... and many more.


As you have probably already discovered, any promises made to you by your timeshare group/resort about being able to sell or just give back your timeshare are false.  The fact is that your timeshare contract is a legally binding document which commits you to paying ongoing maintenance/management fees for what is often a very long period - or even "in perpetuity". 


Many timeshare owners are already paying high annual fees - and these are rising relentlessly each year.  Your contract is therefore likely to be worth tens of £1000s in future fee revenues (read more...) to your timeshare group/resort and they will not give up this money lightly. 


Your primary interest may simply lie in getting out of your Timeshare contract and fee liabilities - and this is very often the main reason why people turn to us for help - rather than thinking of claiming money back.


However, in light of recent ground-breaking legal rulings on Timeshare Mis-selling, if you bought, upgraded or "traded-in" any form on Timeshare (including Weeks, Points & Fractional ownership) since 1999, we would also urge you to consider your legal rights and whether your contract is affected - and Timeshare Advice Network can also advise on a variety of options for compensation claims.


To see your personal timeshare exit options, please call us now on 01628 290499 or complete the short enquiry form.

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