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Recent Comments & Queries from other Timeshare Owners

We receive comments, questions and queries from hundreds of troubled Timeshare, Points, Floating Weeks & Fractional ownership scheme members each month and have published a selection of recent comments below. For free expert advice, please call us on 01628 290499 or complete the FIND OUT YOUR OPTIONS form now.

12th May 2024 - Mr & Mrs K, Lancashire – Club La Costa (now Wyndham Resorts)  Timeshare Points Owners

“We’ve been with Club La Costa since 2008 but its really gone downhill in recent years and the maintenance fees are ridiculous now. We can book much better, cheaper holidays on the internet.  We just want to get out of it but the customer service is useless and just send us round in circles. So frustrated.  We also had to pay a deposit by credit card on the day they sold us the Timeshare in the first place, and I’ve just heard that means we can claim for mis-selling.  Can you help us?”

6th May 2024 - Mrs Brenda M, Oxfordshire – Anfi Timeshare, Gran Canaria

“Bought this ages ago and had some nice holidays to begin with, but we’re getting old and my husband is less mobile now so we can’t use it any more really.  I’m sure they said we could sell it back to them but they now say this isn’t possible any more.  Can’t afford to keep paying the fees just need to get rid of it” Read More...

11th April 2024 - Mr Sean H - Club La Costa (now Wyndham Resorts)

"The Timeshare was sold to us under pressure in a long meeting and we had to pay a deposit on the day. We were told our Timeshare was an 'investment' and were offered a loan loan there and then, with the lender they recommended, which we accepted. The Maintenance Fees have risen each year and It has often been difficult/impossible to book the holiday we want. Also, fees had to be paid during the pandemic, when resorts were closed and Resort(s) are no longer 'exclusive' and are available to non-members." 

1st April 2024 - Mr Raja T, Surrey - Club La Costa (now Wyndham Resorts) Fractional Timeshare

"Expensive maintenance and lack of availability most of the times and almost three years everything is closed. It’s a joke." 

5th March 2024 - Mrs Sandra B - Club La Costa (now Wyndham Resorts)

"They just keep increasing the maintenance fees and tell us we still have to pay even though we haven't been able to book anything since before the pandemic!  All they say is that we have to upgrade.  Its ridiculous.  Just paying money for nothing and we just want to get out of this. Can you help us?" 

1st March 2024 - Mrs Janet S, Lancashire - Anfi Timeshare, Gran Canaria

"We had to keep paying fees even though we couldn't use it during the pandemic and now we haven't been able to book this year because they say its too busy since the pandemic!  Feels like we're paying for other people to go on holiday while we can't. Not sure if its true but a couple of people have told us that Anfi have gone bankrupt so we have no idea what effect that will have.  We just want to stop paying fees and see if we can claim any of our money back."

18th February 2024 - Mr Peter B, Wiltshire - Diamond Resorts/Hilton Grand Vacations

"Have had it since 2005 but the resorts now are not up to the standard we were originally sold.  Also the spiralling cost of being a member mean it is impossible to carry on."

12th January 2024 - Mrs Sandra N, Surrey - Club La Costa (now Wyndham Resorts) Fractional

"Lack of availability, raising maintenance fees as well as closure in the pandemic and lost all the points. The accommodation is cheaper if you book  in" 

19th December 2023 - Mr Andrew F - Diamond Resorts/Hilton Grand Vacations

"Enjoyed it when we were younger but the fees have gone up and up over the years and it's just way too expensive these days - especially when you add the flights and what you spend on food and drink among other things.  There are much better, all inclusive deals everywhere on the internet these days.  Just want to get out of this and stop paying their ridiculous fees. "

2nd December 2023 - Ms Jane C, Lanarkshire - CLC Points Scheme

"No availability when we want. Rising maintenance fees (this started during the pandemic). Still paying finance although it's now Novena Personal Finance instead of Hitachi Finance. Feeling tricked and coerced." 

11th November 2023 - Mr & Mrs Patel, Essex - CLC Fractional Ownership

"We were pressured into joining CLC in Tenerife and we signed the contract and gave them bank details on the day.  Once we came back to the UK, I called the company many times and we sent emails, but they didn't call back or reply. Then Covid happened and our circumstances changes, so we told them we needed to cancel, but they have still not responded and we’ve just had another bill for 1145 Euros. If we weren’t able to use any of CLC’s facilities, why should we have to pay lots of money? CLC claim we still owe them 20,300 and maybe more with maintenance. I would be very grateful if you could help me out and have all the paperwork and emails we sent to the CLC team."

5th October 2023 - Mr Michael B - CLC Fractional Ownership

"Need help getting out of this ASAP due to ridiculous lack of availability, increasing maintenance fees, and now points being taken away from us (expiring) even though the only reason we have them saved is that we couldn’t get anything booked in the first place!" 

19th September 2023 - Mr Gavin S, Northamptonshire - Club La Costa Points

"Inability to book throughout the school holidays.  Increasing maintenance, also having to pay this throughout Covid even though we could not book holiday.  Increasing maintenance costs each year."

23rd August 2023 - Mrs Monica P, Buckinghamshire - Club la Costa Points

"Club la Costa promised us a week free holiday in Spain or Tenerife to make us join them and sign up for the membership and then Covid happened and they cancelled our one week holiday to Spain. Now they said that they can’t give us that week anymore. We also find it is impossible to book anything as they said it’s all booked for next year and we are allowed to book just one year ahead. We are so disappointed as we already paid a lot and keep paying maintenance fees but simply can’t book any holidays! What can we do?"

28th July 2023 - Ms Catherine F, Oxfordshire - CLC Fractional Ownership

"Hi, I am struggling to afford the monthly maintenance fee as I’m now a single parent .  I also don’t feel happy at the availability in the school holidays. I have a fractional share . I would like to get some money back if I can , it cost me a lot of money at the time…  " 

25th June 2023 - Mrs C O, Surrey - Club La Costa Fractional Ownership

"Increasing fees and have not being able to book or use the facilities most recent years for a variety of reasons, including the pandemic of course.  Paying back my loan monthly plus maintenance fees. These all end in 2031, so still have many years left to keep paying."

11th May 2023 - Mrs Alice D, Lanarkshire - Anfi Gran Canaria

"Having read all about it now, I'm sure we were mis-sold this Anfi timeshare.  We we're on holiday in Gran Canaria with young teenage kids and were suckered into going for a tour of the resort, which looked very impressive at the time, but we ended up being pressured for hours until they seemed to give us a very good deal and a loan to cover the cost.  Used it a few times, but then had health issues, then the pandemic and just want to get out of it now." 

8th May 2023 - Mrs Sharon A, Essex  - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"Diamond Resort owners frustrated ref price rises and lack of availability in own membership resort since it was bought out by Hilton."

1st May 2023 - Mrs Pauline H, Lancs - Club La Costa Fractional Ownership

"Ever increasing maintenance fees, lack of availability, poor service, resort closures during the pandemic... you name it!  Just want to get out of this as soon as possible and see if we can some money back." 

15th April 2023 - Mr Paul S, Buckinghamshire - CLC Fractional Ownership

"We've had a fractional timeshare with CLC since 2018. Refused to pay membership fees during Covid Lockdown as we blocked from using the service. Still paying a monthly fee. Never once been able to book when we wanted"

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