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Comments & Queries from other Timeshare Owners

We receive comments, questions and queries from hundreds of troubled Timeshare, Points, Floating Weeks & Fractional ownership scheme members each month and have published a selection of recent comments below. For free expert advice, please call us on 01628 290499 or complete the FIND OUT YOUR OPTIONS form now.

5th April 2023 - Mrs Annette C, Kent - CLC Fractional Ownership

"Desperately sad to find that our exclusive holidays aren’t exclusive at all, that the only way we can try to reserve something in school holidays is years in advance if we are lucky... The last 3 breaks were all shared with non CLC families that had booked via other means (we asked!) and we’ve just found out that next week’s holiday is also non-exclusive and could be booked easily online. Yet service charges continued at full rate despite lockdown and full closure of the resorts. It’s all a huge disappointment... because we have paid so much for something we could have booked on "

21st March 2023 - Ms Susan T, West Midlands - Club La Costa Points

"Over the last 3 years we have paid over £4000 in fees and still not received any 5 star holidays as promised, as all locations are either not available or CLC say they don't own them anymore."

17th March 2023 - Ms Patricia W, Bedfordshire - CLC Fractional Ownership

"We were bullied unto upgrading to a Signature Membership in 2018 even though we made it very clear that my husband was a student at the time and asked if we can leave the contract whenever as things can change and we were told we could. 
We continued to pay £400+ a month since and have not been able to use the resort due to the pandemic. We've also been told to pay maintenance fees. We're unable to continue with the membership and been trying to get out since 2021 but the company won't allow us. Our financial circumstances have changed and alongside the recession, we are drowning in other debts to pay for CLC membership.  Please can you help?"

15th March 2023 - Mrs Ann C, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"We were sold points but they didn't that it was not enough to choose a holiday except for a few specific weeks which were generally unavailable as they had already been filled. The maintenance keeps getting higher and my husband has now passed away, so I don't want to use it even if I could, as I'm now in my 70s."

6th March 2023 - Mrs Angela G - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"Would like some advice on suing Diamond resorts for their involvement in this scam.  50,000 points and possibly £100,000 in total spent over time... I stopped paying Diamond maintenance in 2016, I made several complaints which went nowhere. Their only suggestion was to buy more points" 

5th March 2023 - Mr Darren K - Anfi Timeshare Member

"I have an Anfi timeshare which I've not been able to use since 2019 because of the pandemic.  Now it’s gone into arrears as I can’t afford to pay the monthly instalments.  I’ve asked them to release me from my contract so I can stop paying the fees I can;t afford any more. But they have refused and are now sending the debt to a UK debt collection agency. "

20th Feb 2023 - Mrs Susan A, Herts - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Wish to get out of the timeshare contract with CLC. Have always paid the maintenance fees, including over the pandemic even though we could not use.  Eventually went on holiday at CLC Spain this year and found out that the apartments were also advertised online. The best apartments which we were sometimes able to stay in before are now run by Wyndham, and are being sold as residential. When we purchased vacation club points over 20 years ago we were told that club la costa members had sole use of these holiday sites, not the general public like now! The maintenance fees are £2000 a year, but we can easily book better apartments online, for less!"

12th Feb 2023 - Mrs Lesley R, London - DRI/Diamond Resorts Points

"We paid £10,000 for DRI points in 2007 with Sunterra. Then topped up with another £10,000 for extra points.  If I remember rightly we paid with credit cards. The maintenance fees are now £172 per month for 11 months and this will be the third year of no holidays. My husband is now not well enough to travel really and I I’m my 86 yr old mother's carer. We can’t use it and can't afford it anymore ."

12th Jan 2023 - Mr Daniel D - Anfi Timeshare Owner

"We had another child and were told that we could not attend Anfi again without paying an additional membership fee of £16,000!  The Anfi Group told us that since our family had grown from a family of 4 to 5 that we could not use our timeshare again, or allow another person to stay as they had sold original sold the timeshare to us.  We have paid them a lot of money already and only had limited use of it, especially due to Covid since 2020. Surely this can't be legal!"

16th Dec 2022 - Mr Paul H, Lanarkshire - Anfi Timeshare Owner

"Wife and I have two Floating Week contracts with Anfi.  This time last year they asked us to stop paying the loan on one of the contracts (the other I’m paying via a loan from an external company) until we signed the new/replacement agreements. My wife and I don’t want to sign replacement agreements and start repaying a new loan as we believe they mis-sold us the original time shares.  They are now threatening us with Debt Collection.  Have you any advice on what we should do?"

29th Nov 2022 - Mr Matthew N, Tyne & Wear - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"Originally Club Greece with weeks but changed to points then transitioned to Diamond Resorts. This was sold to us in Rhodes in 2007 - but only rarely been not able to book holidays due to lack of availability and location/types ."

12th Nov 2022 - Ms Cathryn H, Lancs - Club La Costa Points

"We weren't aware that what we were taking out in 2019 was a loan. We believed it to be more like a gym membership and we'd be able to leave at any time. However, we've not been able to use it due to the covid-19 pandemic and on the occasions we've contacted CLC we've not been able to get anything we've wanted with regards to holidays etc. ."  

1st Nov 2022 - Mrs Fiona Y, Yorks - Anfi Group

"We were asked to pay approx. £1000 immediately to secure the timeshare and then not long afterwards paid the full cost of the timeshare. We borrowed all monies from my daughter, who paid on a credit card."  

26th Oct 2022 - Mrs Helen D, Cambs - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Our circumstances financially have changed since the pandemic. The management fees on top of the loan we were (I believe mis-sold) is crippling. We’re paying fees despite no travel being allowed for 2 years?! We want out 100%"

4th Oct 2022 - Mrs Jane H, Oxfordshire - CLC Points

"We have never used any holiday due to covid or not being able to book I have been paying for over 3 years and due to the cost of living rise cannot afford it any more"

15th Sept 2022 - Mr Jane H, Oxfordshire - CLC Points

"We have never used any holiday due to covid or not being able to book I have been paying for over 3 years and due to the cost of living rise cannot afford it any more"

3rd Aug 2022 - Mr David P - Wimpen/OnaGrup

"I inherited a timeshare from Wimpen from my late mother end of 2019 and am now wanting to exit from the timeshare. I naively thought I would actually sell it and receive some payment from them but upon research it actually seems that I may have to pay them! I am looking for advice on how to proceed!"

18th July 2022 - Mr Simon R - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Looking back, I'm now certain this was mis-sold to us in the first place back in 2014 and, on the only 2 times we managed to book something before lockdown, the salespeople kept hassling up to buy more points while we were there.  Have tried complaining but its a waste of time.  Just want our money back now "

5th July 2022 - Mrs Elaine D, Notts - RCI Points

"They sold us dream holidays for life but its nothing like that at all.  Very hard to where we wanted, when we wanted and a couple of the resorts were probably 2 star at best, not the level they promised. Charge more each year, with no improvement to the service.  Want to get out "

12th June 2022 - Mrs Mary B, Glamorgan - Anfi Group

"Me and my husband were on a package holiday in Gran Canaria with our kids when they offered us a tour of the resort.  6 hours later we had signed up and paid a deposit.  It was good for a few years, but the kids lost interest in their teens and we've not been able to go for 6 years now due to ill health and the pandemic.  Tried to speak to them about selling it back but they say its not possible and that we just have to keep paying. Can you help?"

2nd May 2022 - Mrs Dorothy M, Northants - CLC Fractional

"We just finished paying for the loan we took, and would like to exit the timeshare contract, because we cannot afford to pay for the annual management fees, any more, I have been made redundant in 2021."

20th April 2022 - Mrs & Mrs James, Staffs - Silverpoint

"We were sold a week about 20 years ago and had to pay a £1200 deposit on a credit card on the day, which I think may be illegal.  Then the first time we used it, they talked us into buying 2 more weeks as they told convinced us it was a good investment.  We tried speaking to them about selling them back, but they just kept fobbing us off - and we've not been able to use our original week for 3 years now.  Enough's enough and we need legal advice now to recover our investments."

11th March 2022 - Mrs Katrina A, Scotland - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Given the hard sell over 5 hours and then again for another 5 hours. Paying over £3000 a year between the loan and maintenance charge for one week of sub standard run down accommodation.  Can’t ever get the weeks or place we want" 

7th Feb 2022 - Mrs Nicola J, Staffs - Anfi Group

"We originally bought a biennial week at Beach Club which we later changed to one week per year at Monte. Could never understand why any decision had to be made while we were in Gran Canaria - were told that once we returned home the offer to buy would no longer be available. Something to do with Spanish laws, so they said."

12th Jan 2021 - Mr Steven P, Lincs - Marriott Vacation Club

"Bought into this back in 2009 after a long presentation with strong pressure to sign and pay a deposit there and then to get the deal they were pushing - which we did in the end. Although we had a few good holidays, the annual fees have kept going up and we haven't used it since 2017.  Tried to talk to them about selling it back as they originally said we could, but they now deny this.  Need help to get out and, if possible, get something back!"

16th Nov 2021 - Mrs K H - RCI Points

"I was mis-sold RCI points, with the false promise that booking would be easy. There is never anything available at the time we want it, in the size we need, at the place we want. Very often booking a holiday direct via the internet is easier and cheaper..."

28th Oct 2021 - Mr Allan E, Lancs - Club La Costa (CLC)

"10 years ago bought Sunterra week, but due to ill health had to cancel and never got anything back . We have recently been to CLC Malaga and told that they are noting to do with Sunterra and its a fractional property is this right."

1st Oct 2021 - Mrs C F, Warwickshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"After 12 years with them I would like to exit my timeshare for good.
I am not interested in selling on."

4th Sept 2021 - Mrs Suzanne S, Cambridgeshire - Anfi

"I purchased the fixed week at Anfi with my ex husband now we are divorced I need to get out of the contract and so does he."

3rd Aug 2021 - Mr Malcolm T - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We have a been persuaded to upgrade to fractional ownership a couple of years ago now we have to pay twice for any holidays we take with them. I.E maintenance and booking fee. Ridiculous. Also the fees are skyrocketing."

21st June 2021 - Ms Lesley H, Greater Manchester - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We were persuaded to trade in our Discover Diamond membership for points for the bargain price of £12,000 for 30 years. Then.. they hit us with £1600 maintenance fee each year, meaning our 'bargain' will now cost us £60,000 over 30 years! WE need to get out!"

12th May 2021 - Mr Alastair M, Bedfordshire - RCI

"We were promised holidays that were certainly not available once we became a member.  We were sold a fixed week (Jan to Feb) when we were told we could use this all year round."

18th April 2021 - Mrs Sandra M, Derbyshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We have only had time share 3 years but want to get out as it is simply not cost effective for us, ie.places not available,flights too expensive and cheaper all-inclusive package deals available elsewhere, some of which are not only to the same resort but also to the same hotel.  On top of this there is also a maintenance fee. So unless you want to go to the same place each time ie Spain or canaries there appears to be no benefit whatsoever."

12th March 2021 - Mrs Nicola J, Staffs - Anfi Group

"We originally bought a biennial week at Beach Club which we later changed to one week per year at Monte. Could never understand why any decision had to be made while we were in Gran Canaria - were told that once we returned home the offer to buy would no longer be available. Something to do with Spanish laws."

27th Jan 2021 - Mrs Diana G, Somerset - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We had 2 weeks fixed and on their advice tranferred to points system as this would give more flexibility and we could go anywhere at any time. This is not true. Not able to use this years points or residue of last years."

20th Dec 2020 - Mr Mark E, Lancashire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We would like to get out of the time share points as it has got to much as we pay £1200 maintenance and £246 a month for points. How can we do this."

20th Nov 2020 - Ms Jenny S - Lion Resorts now OnaGrup

"Bought a week whilst in Cyprus with Lion resorts who have since been taken over by OnaGrup."

14th Sept 2020 - Mrs Laura N, West Sussex - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We have signed a loan agreement, how can we cancel the timeshare and loan agreement?"

8th Aug 2020 - Ms Linda N, Tyne & Wear - Anfi Group

"My partner and I bought into Snfi in Jan 2017, we paid the deposit on the day after 7 hours of being shown around and giving us the talk about it being for 50yrs, but was also told our children could take this as a legacy, we don't have a termination date on the contract papers, we have paid £2000 including our deposit up to date, can we get help to come out of the contract, or even to claim our money back?"

5th July 2020 - Mr Andrew B, Derbyshire - RCI

"We were pressured in to purchasing a timeshare on our honeymoon. We have never used it and was told we could of easily sell it if needed. We cannot and have found we are burdened with this for the rest of our lives"

16th May 2020 - Mr Jon C, Cambs - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Wish to know if can cancel CLC membership, get back funds paid for points and stop paying maintenance charge"

8th April 2020 - Mr Ashraf E - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We had points with Diamond Resorts for the last 15 years. We paid maintenance fees and we only managed to get 3 holidays. We never get reminders to renew our points. When we try to sell it they put restrictions that we have to sell to either members of the family or other members of diamond resorts. Can we get rid of the points, relinquish our membership & get compensated for some of the money lost in membership fees."

24th March 2020 - Mrs Gillie C - MacDonald Resorts  

"We were persuaded to change from a fixed week to points and then pressure sales techniques to top them up. Maintenance is exorbitant and failing health means we can't use them."

12th March 2020 - Mrs A M - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Written to cancel my membership bought 02/11/15, CLC refused because its out of the 14 day cooling period.  Written to the finance company to cancel agreement due to change in circumstances, they refused.
What is the way out?"

1st March 2020 - Mrs Jan M - Silverpoint Hollywood Mirage, Tenerife

"Can't sell or give away timeshare, can't afford ongoing maintenance and never use it. What are consequences of not paying fees?"

19th February 2020 - Mrs H M, Cheshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"HELP URGENTLY NEEDED PLEASE?  We have tried to contact CLC but got fobbed off by some snotty rude lady who has left me in tears. They are such a con …"

18th January 2020 - Mr Mark O - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Bought some 'points' but whenever we went to use it nowhere is available. Can’t seem to cancel.  Have lost £11,000 altogether and still have to pay yearly fees."

8th January 2020 - Mrs Denise W - WimPen/OnaGroup

"I want to sell/cancel my timeshare at Los Claveles but have had no joy to date."

20th December 2019 - Mrs Julie P, North Yorks - Club La Costa / Shawbrook Finance

"I wanted to get out of this contract last year and was told I couldn't, today I received a statement for the 12 months of payments to shawbrook loans and have only paid £15 off the original amount. I thought the HP was with CLC but it's actually with Shawbrook for 'home improvements'. I desperately need to get out of this as I cannot afford almost £500 per month."

4th December 2019 - Mrs Rosaleen B, Cheshire - MacDonald Resorts

"I have always had a fixed week until recently when I was informed that I could no longer have that week as my contract was being changed to a points system.  I did not sign up for this. I was also told that if I wanted to opt out of my timeshare I would have to pay McDonald's hotels £1800. I have informed them that I will not be paying,  if anything they should be paying me, I have also cancelled my management fees given I no longer have a set week, which is what we originally paid for.  Anyway McDonald's have ignored all of my correspondence and calls and have employed the services of a debt collector to start harassing me. Is there an ombudsmen service that I can contact.  Any help/assistance greatly appreciated. "

20th November 2019 - Mrs Karen F, Merseyside - Westgate

"Bought this October 2014 on our honeymoon and we were told we could go there 2 weeks every other year.  I phoned yesterday to book for next year to be told we only got one week allowed so all the money we been paying was for nothing."

12th November 2019 - Mr Tony C, Essex - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"Had fixed week initially then persuaded to upgrade to points several years later.  Paid a deposit on credit card for fixed week with rest on finance. Advice please!"

30th October 2019 - Mr Peter W - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We own 42,000 points  Are paying £310 per month management fees + £110 per month for finance. The management fees have rocketed."

21st October 2019 - Mrs Kathryn D, Mid Glamorgan - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Won a week away as long as you attended a timeshare event . Pressurised sales brought points on credit - never used it. Desperate to get rid of it."

4th October 2019 - Mr Keith N - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We want to get out of Diamond Resorts and try and claim back mis-sold fractional ownership."

16th September 2019 - Mrs Lorraine S - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti 

"Wishing to leave our points time share and the high maintenance fees."

22nd August 2019 - Ms K G - Club La Costa (CLC) 

"We want to get out of our contract we believe we were Mis-sold and have been pressurized in to adding to our arrangement."

3rd August 2019 - Mr Darran S, Kent - Marriott Resorts

"We purchased our Marriott Silver week in July 2002.  We feel that we were mis-sold the plan and would like to explore options available to us"

18th July 2019 - Mr David B, Hants - Starwood/interval International

"We went to a presentation which culminated in us purchasing a time share this was after 6 hours of what i would call "pressure selling" and having to try and keep 3 children occupied."

20th June 2019 - Mrs Judith Y - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We have 5500 points which we bought originally through sunterra. Is there any way we can relinquish these as my husband has now been diagnosed with alzheimers."

16th May 2019 - Mr Terry H, Warwickshire - RCI/Diamond Resorts

"We pay an annual service fee, and were promised that we would be able to holiday at one of our home resorts: this is proving to be impossible. Diamond Resorts and RCI demand about £300 per year in fees (not to mention the initial charge of around £2500).... We are very disappointed with the whole system, we have paid out considerable sums of money and feel we are not getting the standard of holiday initially promised to us..."

22nd March 2019 - Mrs Margaret M, Midlothian - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We only purchased our timeshare while in Tenerife, but when we returned to CLC in May 2017 we realised that the product sold to us in Feb was not what we were informed we had purchased we were then advised to purchase extra points in order to meet our requirements! We are now seeing these fractional shares getting bad press and wonder if we have in fact been conned into purchasing extra points"

17th February 2019 - Mr Stuart L, Shropshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We took the Club La Costa contract in Aug 2000. We never seem to be able to get any availability."

28th January 2019 - Mr David G, Ayrshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Paying a fortune but cannot get the holidays we would like still after 5 years as a member."

5th January 2019 - Mr S B, Surrey - Club La Costa Fractional Ownership

"Looking what are options to get rid of our fractional ownership, as we do not get what we want plus rising cost of maintenance. We have paid large sums to Shawbrook and GE who are now Elderbridge" 

11th December 2018 - Mrs Julia P - RCI Fixed Week

"We own week 25 in Mallorca. We were hijacked off of the street and put into a cab, then sold a blue week under the pretence we could swap it for a red. Since then we have tried to sell it back to them only to be told that we needed to buy into another scheme called the Ambassadors Club. We are unable to holiday anywhere else due to having to pay the maintenance fees or lose our money. This cost about £15000 to purchase. Do we have a claim?"

18th November 2018 - Miss Camilla M - Club La Costa Points

"Never possible to book anything, not possible to use referral system, very difficult to get any information from CLC.  This is only costing us money, more every year, and we get nothing for it."

10th October 2018 - Mrs Yvonne H, West Midlands - Seasons

"We agreed to this contract back in 2009, under a pressurized sale whilst on a free day out at one on the resorts. Since then we have used it once. We are in financial difficulty and have not paid any maintenance  recently. We are being pursued by FirstCredit acting on behalf of Barclays Partner Finance for the loan repayment, but I don't think we should be paying some £5k plus for something that we do not have access to and have not used for some years. Any advice on how to get out of this please?"

1st October 2018 - Mrs Jan Y, Tyne & Wear - Diamond Resorts Points

"We are still getting some use out of our points at present, but its getting harder and we are worried about the liability being passed onto our children, who definitely do not want it."

11th September 2018 - Ms J B - Diamond Resorts Points

"First bought into Sunterra approximately 1999, then subsequently converted to Diamond Resorts points.  Recently advised to increase points in order to relinquish lease which would be the first step if there were ever to be a buy-back option.  Now seeing decreased availability and increasing need for points escalating yearly."

18th August 2018 - Mr Dean F, Somerset - Anfi 

"We were sold a timeshare at Anfi del Mar in 2005 for a fixed week.  They said it was in perpetuity and my contract states unlimited.  Is this legal?

15th July 2018 - Mr Leonard B - Anfi

"2 weeks floating at Gran Anfi. Have deed certificate.  Purchased one week in Puerto Anfi in 2001. Upgraded to two weeks in Gran Anfi 2002. £23000 paid in full, £11K and then 12K in successive years.  Annual maintenace is now £1200.  Options please?"

9th July 2018 - Mrs Marie L, Surrey - Club la Costa

"We were conned into this scheme. We've never uses it and have lost 100's of thousands of pounds"

3rd June 2018 - Mr Richard M, Devon - Diamond Resorts

"Originally with GVC.  We had points but then were given a fixed week when it changed to Diamond Resorts. Originally took membership February 2000"

29th May 2018 - Mrs Bernadette B, Lincolnshire - RCI Points

"We were sold this product after been shown a brochure and we were lead to believe that we would get this standard whereever we went, which was simply not true."

21st April 2018 - Mrs Tracy W, Ayrshire - DB San Antonio, Malta

"The apartment we were shown and promised was nothing like what we got, which was a hotel room with 2 single beds a fridge and a microwave in a cupboard. When we complained that it was not what we were shown and it was false selling they wanted us to upgrade with an extra £1900 finance on top of our original finance.  At the time of sale we were told we could give it up at anytime. I have emailed them explaining my husband has lost his job and can no longer afford the payments and are looking at possible bankrupcy, but they have emailed back saying we have to pay it or we will be. We are in a situation where we need help as we are totally stressed ... and the company just don't care."

15th March 2018 - Mr David G, Essex - Club La Costa

"Hi, we got totally ripped off by CLC and the whole experience nearly cost us our home. We eventually had to settle nearly £30k and we never even got to take a holiday! The whole thing nearly cost me my marriage as well and it hasn't really left us to be honest, it is always nagging in the back of our minds. Not sure if, or how, we reclaim anything back. I would appreciate any advice you can give us and look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards. David"

8th March 2018 - Mrs Maisie P, Staffordshire - Westgate

"I have the deeds but cannot keep paying £1000 plus maintenance each year."

5th March 2018 - Mr Nilesh P - Silverpoint

"We bought fixed weeks with Silverpoints at Holywood Mirage Club in 2012.  We were then enticed to swap this for supposedly higher quality 'Club Paradiso' entitling us to 7 nights per annum in a two bed apartment."

19th February 2018 - Mr C A, West Midlands - Anfi Group

"I paid in full for the timeshare at cost of £10,000 for bi-annual, but I've never been able to use it since then."

8th January 2018 - Mrs Allison B, Devon - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We really want to escape this situation.  We contacted CLC and they advised us that its 'not their problem' that we want to leave!!! Can you advise please?"

8th December 2017 - Dr C B, Cumbria - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"It was sold to us in perpetuity and we are worried about it being passed on to our children. The fees are getting very expensive and there will be a point at which we cannot travel and make use of the points we have."

12th November 2017 - Mr Joel D, Hertfordshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I am still paying the monthly dues for my loans that I have paid in full for my timeshare with Club la Costa.  The annual administrative and maintenance fee is increasing every year hence I have just stopped paying them. I have only been able to use it once. I would like help to recover the principal amount I have paid in full for my timeshare. Kind regards"

3rd November 2017 - Ms Faith S - Bahia Principe

"Brought fixed weeks and promise of complimentary holiday to Dominican Republic. Hard sell in hot office and deposit taken on day. Upgrades promised have never materialised.  Still have salesman's paperwork but this was not reflected in contract."

24th October 2017 - Mr Michael O, Cumbria - RCI

"Own 72000 points with RCI. Original was two weeks red time at Pueblo Evita Club. What termination options are available to us."

14th October 2017 - Miss Corinne M, Argyllshire - Anfi Group

"I wanted to know if you still had to be in the timeshare contract to seek anything. I had a particularly bad time with Anfi in Gran Canaria 11 years ago and eventually managed to pay to get out if it."

9th October 2017 - Mr Graeme M, Dumfries and Galloway - RCI Points

"We initially bought a fixed week timeshare in 1998 but then upgraded to points around 2003. Our contract is in perpetuity and we're concerned that our children will have the burden after us."

26th September 2017 - Mr D G - RCI/Vacation Village at Parkway

"During April 2017 purchased four contracts of  2 bed units in Vacation Village at parkway resort in Orlando, Florida USA. and now with the mortgage amount and return I see is not worth and want get out of these contracts."

24th September 2017 - Ms Kim D, London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"This fraction was taken out while we were in Spain and we have been trying to get rid of it for over 2 years now. We are unable to make payment because it is too high and we just want to get rid of it now. We are fed up and it is really stressing us all out."

11th September 2017 - Mr S A - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We want to get out of the timeshare with Club La Costa. We are looking for compensation and to also cancel our loan agreement."

5th September 2017 - Mr Francis K, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought CLC Membership in 2004, told it was an investment being used to develop new resorts and that the members assets which would be distributed to one or one's estate. In 2012, was told that was not so, so needed to convert to fractional.  Then told in 2015 that fractional wasn't good enough, so had to upgrade to fractional 2. I need to know where I stand if I want to claim, cancel or otherwise. Thanks."

28th August 2017 - Mr G V, County Down - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"I converted to points and was led to believe that I could spend my points if their was availability in their resorts. I have just been informed that I can't spend my points despite their being availability in a number of their resorts according to their websites."

25th August 2017 - Ms Christine G, Derbyshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We have 150,000 points purchased in 2003 with Grand Vacation Club (which then became Sunterra, now Diamond Resorts) over 2 purchase agreements - the first purchased in UK the second in Mallorca, Spain. Have attempted to sell since 2011 via Travel & Leisure Group, but never had any interest"

18th August 2017 - Ms Maxine H, W Sussex - Loch Rannock Highland Club

"I bought a timeshare week (6) in 1980 for £3000 with a loan that the Timeshare company arranged. At the time of contract (I can't find the original contract) it was sold with a guaranteed buy-back scheme. That scheme was rescinded during a change of ownership from Barratt Homes and without any party/owner that I am aware of signing a new contract, at some stage in the last decade the contract terms were changed to 'in perpetuity', the resort no longer provides a buy back scheme or dedicated sales service or even an exchange service - all items that were included in the original contract signed with Barratt Homes. The resort is now stating that the only way to get out of the contract (a non-existent contract IMHO) is to enter into a lottery for the opportunity to buy out of the scheme for £2000. 10 owners can place that money and only one name will be drawn, the money for the losers is non-refundable. I am now seeing that such contracts have been ruled as illegal. I have not visited the resort or used my time share for over 10 years (I have sent friends to use it on two occasions in the past 10 years). I want to get rid of it, prove there is no signed contract in existence with the terms they are now imposing where elected membership management board and can change the terms at will affecting all owners, and seek a refund of at least 10 years management fees. Can you help? I originally paid over £3000 for the 1 week, week 6 of the year (February)plus interest on the loan. I stopped paying a management fee one year circa 2000 and they imposed a CCJ against my home property - which cost me £3000 to settle an £800 debt when I wanted to move home. Can you help?"

11th August 2017 - Mr Mark T, West Midlands - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Inquiring how to leave Clc as the fees are ever increasing availability for holidays and the fact it was sold as a exclusive club yet you can now go on line and book a holiday at many of their resorts with many sites with out having of paid any maintenance fees and then also the perpetuity implications that were certainly not explained to us at the time of joining."

7th August 2017 - Miss Joanne B, Stirlingshire - Silverpoint

"Only had timeshare since 2015 but they asked us to sell after 1 year and take a different thing called 'Keys Concierge' as this would be better for us.  They also said the timeshare would sell very quickly and still not sold."

2nd August 2017 - Mr Alexander M - Orange Lake

"Bought with a lump sum. Assured we could sell it anytime - Not true.  Fees have gone through the roof

29th July 2017 - Mr Ray W, Devon - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Changed from points to fractional and been ripped off. Now Thompson are selling holidays to the same resort. Maintenance charges are killing us now we're retired."

20th July 2017 - Mrs Karen B - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Sunterra-GVC-Diamond. As with others, unable to book unless up at midnight 13 months in advance.  How can I get out of this?"

18th July 2017 - Mrs Melanie W, Nottinghamshire  -  CLC 

"Tried to book on lots of occasions but no places even months in advance, could only book year in advance but all full, lost weeks."

15th July 2017 - Ms Elano R -  Invernessshire  - Anfi


"Feel we were totally mis-sold this timeshare - when we tried to get them to sell it for us we were pressured into taking finance to 'upgrade' in order to sell the timeshare more easily. Stuck with paying the finance and the maintaining fees and we don't use it and we never want to see the place again." 

8th July 2017 - Mrs Ada R,  Lancashire  - Club La Costa

"Rules have changed all the time. Said could exchange week freely for other resorts, now not able to. Fees going up. Tried to cancel as soon as we bought but we were not able to do so." 

29th June 2017 - Ms Julie T, Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts


"Never had enough points to do what we wanted to do, availability not there or cost too many points. Soaring maintenance fees and lowering of standards."  

27th June 2017 - Mr Peter C - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We bought points, then were pressure sold more points which took a whole day of our holiday shut in an office.  Had to take out a large loan to cover the cost.  Then year by year the price has risen by over a hundred pounds a year. We applied for a couple of holidays but could never get what we wanted."

25th June 2017- Mr Jeremy A, Warwickshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Points owned jointly with separated wife.  Have tried to sell through Travel & Leisure Group but come to the conclusion it is a scam…"

25th June 2017 - Mrs Alison P, Derbyshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Have had this time share approx 27 yrs at the Paradise Club, Tenerife.  Maintenance fees have escalated.  Have tried to sell with no joy (all resellers want up front payment)"

25th June 2017 - Mrs Nicola J, Staffordshire - Anfi Monte

"We originally bought a biennial week at Beach Club which we later changed to one week per year at Monte. Could never understand why any decision had to be made while we were in Gran Canaria - were told that once we returned home the offer to buy would no longer be available. They said it was something to do with Spanish laws."

24th June 2017- Mr Andrew S, Perthshire - Loch Rannoch Highland Club

"Timeshare left to me in my mother's will which the Timeshare operator has told me we cannot get out of unless we sell...  We have advertised through the operator to sell it for £1 but no joy over several years…  Paying more and more each year for nothing.  We just want rid of this burden!!"

23rd June 2017 - Mr Terry H, Warwickshire - RCI Points

"We pay an annual service fee, and were promised that we would be able to holiday at one of our home resorts: this is proving to be impossible. Diamond Resorts and RCI demand about £300 per year in fees (not to mention the initial charge of around £2500).  It is proving almost impossible to book a resort that we would be happy to go to. Moreover we were assured that we would always be able to holiday at one of our home resorts (Sun beach holiday club Rhodes, The Village holiday club Crete, Leoniki Residence Holiday Club Crete, Grand Leoniki Crete, The Village Heights Holiday club Crete). This option appears to be unavailable. We are very disappointed with the whole system, we have paid out considerable sums of money and feel we are not getting the standard of holiday initially promised to us. Booking a holiday through this system is never straight forward. Our details have also been passed to a third party "ICE" who sold us a Cruise and Resort Package at a cost of around £3000. We have also had problems with them. As you can see we have paid out considerable sums for holidays (which has not included flights)."

22nd June 2017 - Mel W - Westgate Resorts

"I was told it was an investment, not so.  Ask for them to sell it, they won't.  Tried renting it out, was conned twice.  The information I was given by their agent was that I could sell any time, was not so. It is very hard to sell."

22nd June 2017 - Mr David B, Hants - Starwood, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

"We went to a presentation which culminated in us purchasing a timeshare after 6 hours of what I would call "pressure selling" whilst having to try and keep 3 children occupied."

21st June 2017 - Ms Dorothy B. Midlothian - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"Deposit taken on the day, paid by credit card. Contract is in perpetuity - I understand it has now been proven illegal on both points?"

19th June 2017 - Mr Andrew M - Anfi / RCI

"I have biennial week, want to sell it and / or claim back under misrepresentation.....never seems to be anything available on RCI website...."

18th June 2017 - Mr Michael O - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We too felt  pressurised and were subjected to an all-day grilling.  Purchased 800 points per annum.  Free first year maintenance then 999 € per annum for £13700.00 purchase price."

17th June 2017 - Mr Keith O, Lancashire - Anfi, Gran Canaria

"I firmly believe we were mis-sold and have read that we can now claim back the purchase price from Anfi due to the recent Supreme Court ruling.  Is this true?" 

17th June 2017 - Mrs C N,  Hampshire - Silverpoint Hollywood Mirage

"Just really want to get out of this!!"

16th June 2017 - Mr Peter W - Diamond Resorts International

"We own 42,000 points  Are paying £310 per month management fees + £110 per month for finance. The management fees have rocketed."

14th June 2017 - Mr Nigel G, Isle of Man - Club La Costa

"We bought a fixed week at Club La Costa  in Castillo del Rey 4 years ago.  Since then they have been refurbishing the Castillo apartments and calling them Signature units which resulted in us being moved to a different unit.  We have just stayed there this year and have been told by Club La Costa that this is the last time we can stay at Castillo del Rey as the final block is also being upgraded to Signature.  They have offered us different accommodation but nothing of equal location or condition to what we originally bought into.  Surely we were mis-sold"

11th June 2017 - Mr Gordon M, Greater Manchester - RCI

"Myself, my wife and our son have signed up on the same contract so we are all tied into this timeshare… we need help to get out."

10th June 2017 - Mrs Clare D, Yorkshire - Heritage Resorts, Costa del Sol

"I am writing with regards to a package we were sold, during a holiday in Spain. The idea seemed to suite our needs. However since full payment was made fulfilling our agreement, the company Heritage Resorts have since failed to meet the promises made.  We have spent £3000 of our savings on a holiday package/membership we can not use. We have tried making complaints to the company and have been fobbed off and now they do not even answer emails. We have requested a response and / or a refund to no avail, and are now at a loss as to how to move forward. Please could you advise if you are able to help in any way, and we can then provide a full detailed report on the whole affair."

8th June 2017 - Mr Steven J, Derbyshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Purchased a fractional ownership last November on Finance, but paid it off. Went back for a 'free week' in March and they tried to 'sell' us more points and we haven't even used any as yet!  If what we had was suitable in November, why would we need more? I now know of an associate who is trying to claim back as they feel that CLC have made it 'impossible' for them to get what they want so I am now concerned I have wasted my money and have been conned."

7th June 2017 - Mr Kenneth A - Macdonald Resorts

"My parents bought a week at MacDonalds Dalfaber many years ago, and enjoyed using it.  However they have both died, and no-one in the family wishes the timeshare, especially as now it's points. How can we legally get out of this without bearing the liability my parents agreed to?"

4th June 2017 - Mr Matt P, West Midlands - Diamond Resorts Points

"We feel we were mis-sold. We are trying to relinquish our points as cheaply as possible and if possible get some compensation for mis-selling but our main concern is relinquishment so we don't leave a liability to our kids."

2nd June 2017 - Mr Gary H, Lancashire - Heritage Resorts, Floating Weeks

"Originally bought a week, but was then pressured in sales meeting on holiday to add on points."

2nd June 2017 - Mrs Zena B - RCI Points

"Originally bought a week, but was then pressured in sales meeting on holiday to add on points."

2nd June 2017 - Mr Ian G, Lancashire - Club Marbella

"Bought one week Club Marbella. Only ever used twice... Maintenance fees all paid up but it's getting too expensive. I just want out."

31st May 2017 - Mrs Sheila N,  Norfolk - Diamond Resorts Fractional  

"We want out of Diamond Resorts and also to claim back for mis-sold Fractional ownership.  Please advise."

30th May 2017 - Mrs Lorraine S - MGM/Petchey, Portugal

"Wishing to leave our points Timeshare and the high maintenance fees."  

29th May 2017 - Mrs Joanne T - Club La Costa

"Won a 'free week' but got talked into joining up and paying £131.34 a month on finance.  We are due to go in August, but are not able to book flights yet due to finances, but they are saying that if we do not give flight details they will cancel the reservation. Please help/advise as have just read info and am really worried we are being ripped off."  

25th May 2017 - Mrs Dianne F, Leicestershire - RCI Points

"After reading your pages I strongly believe we were mis-sold, with no cooling off period, and never achieving a property that they claimed at the presentation."   

22nd May 2017 - Mr Harry H - Anfi, Gran Canaria, Floating Weeks

"I was sold a week at Anfi Club in 1999. I find it hard to book the week we want as they say its all booked up. I would like sell but no buyers so far.  I paid 15000 euro for my week -  think I was robbed…" 

14th May 2017 - Ms Kim G - Club La Costa Fractional 

"We want to get out of our contract and we believe we were mis-sold and have been pressurized in to adding to our arrangement."

13th May 2017 - Mrs Pauline W - Anfi, Gran Canaria


"We have a fixed week biennial for many years , we were promised we could 'bank' this week if we can't go, but they now tell us we can't.  Also we were told it was an investment and we could give this as inheritance to our children, but last time we were there they said this was not available to us as we only have 1 week every 2 years."

11th May 2017 - Mr Anne C - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"My husband and I have 7000 annual points with DRI that we bought 2 years ago, we have a loan that they financed to pay for it.  Rising maintenance fees and job loss has resulted in several late payments.  We cannot afford to use the package or continue to pay the high interest and fees.  Can you help us get out or maybe get some of our money back?  Thanks,  Anne"

11th May 2017 - Mr Anne C - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"My husband and I have 7000 annual points with DRI that we bought 2 years ago, we have a loan that they financed to pay for it.  Rising maintenance fees and job loss has resulted in several late payments.  We cannot afford to use the package or continue to pay the high interest and fees.  Can you help us get out or maybe get some of our money back?  Thanks,  Anne"

8th May 2017 - Mr Simon G - Club La Costa

"I had a Club La Costa membership quite some time ago and had to just give it up as I could no longer afford the maintenance fees - am I able to claim anything? Is there a limit to how far back a claim can be made?" 

2nd May 2017 - Mrs John W - Club La Costa Fractional

"Free breakfast, then pressure sales talk and befriended us with family pics and asked if we wanted this for the rest of our lives, ownership just like this. Benefits and all the family can enjoy past down to them.  There was very little talk of rising costs and maintenance going up above inflation... they only told us that members set up increases on a panel. No help and always take your money and when we want to book a holiday we were always put in place that was much poorer than we bought into. The story goes on and on...."

1st May 2017 - Mr Christopher I, London - Club Monte Anfi, Gran Canaria

"FULL cost was £21,661, less 15% discount £3,249, less trade-in £6,204.29 (prior fixed week biannual timeshare), Less credit card deposit £1,221 paid on date of signing contract leaving £10,986 - deferred payment agreement (12 x £915.50 monthly payments).  What can we claim?"

26th April 2017 - Mr Paul R - Diamond Resorts

"The original mis-representation, by the then owners in 2006 (Sunterra) was that the points purchase capital was used to buy new additional properties and the maintenance charge was for the up eep of  existing properties and that in principal all members owned the properties"

24th April 2017 - Mr Robert P, County Antrim - Anfi

"My parents were sold an Anfi week (Anfi Beach Club in Gran Canaria), paid for it then and there. My father died and my mother started trying to sell the timeshare once the 10 year payments were completed. This was resisted by Anfi who simply said it would be sold if there was a buyer. The yearly fees of over €500 are unaffordable. I have tried to sell the timeshare on occasions over the last few years, with zero assistance or understanding from Anfi.  My parents understood at the time of purchase that the timeshare was owned and could be a legacy to pass on. Clearly, from speaking to my mother, this was completely mis-sold and we want to know if there are grounds for getting the contract cancelled within the rulings of the Spanish Supreme Court."  

21st April 2017 - Mr Peter T - Marriott Vacation Club

"We were kept over 4 hours at the supposedly 1 hour max meeting until we agreed to purchase. Felt completely pressured to buy with promises of a great investment which has turned out to be the biggest money drain ever. Have only used a few weeks since purchased in November 2004. Have been desperately trying to sell for years." 

18th April 2017 - Mrs Suzanne S - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We hold a week in a Signature suite and they told us that we could pay an extra fee to swap this week for points that can be used flexibly.  We paid £25000 for this and the yearly maintenance fee is about £700. We were told that we could swap the week for points and get around 12 weeks per year for our money. This however, has never been the case and I feel that this is extortionate for just 1 week's holiday accommodation."  

10th April 2017 - Mrs Susan W, North Yorkshire - Crown Resorts/Diversified

"I would like to come out of points and then change my September weeks to August weeks (school holiday). They want to charge me £5600 - this seems excessive?"

10th April 2017 - Mr A D - Silverpoint

"Hello, I just just want to get out of Timeshare for good. Can you help?  Best Regards."

10th April 2017 - Mr John Y, Cambridgeshire - Ona Group / WimPen Leisure

"We were originally with Lion Resorts, in Cyprus, they have since moved to Majorca and joined the Onagrup. Would really like to get out of the contract as we are not getting good service now"

9th April 2017 - Ms Elizabeth K, Monmouthshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"17 years membership. Unable to use accommodation now and its so expensive we can't afford management fees."

8th April 2017 - Mrs Nicky D, Hertfordshire - Anfi Group

"Originally fixed week then (forcefully) upgraded to floating weeks. Now stopped paying maintenance fees and they are chasing for payments."

6th April 2017 - Mr Stephen W, Derbyshire - RCI Points

"We are being threatened by the owners of Vista Amadores in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria for non payment of maintenance fees. We bought about 20 years ago and in the beginning it was about £200 per year maintenance. The fees they want, which I stopped paying, now represent over £1100 per year.  We have not used the points for several years, or RCI and at this moment in time we cannot afford all these fees... They are now going to Court to sue us for the unpaid fees. I would welcome your advice on this as soon as you are able. Kind Regards, Stephen W."

5th April 2017 - Mr Paul H, Yorkshire - Westgates lake and spa

"Bought a timeshare on the basis that it was an investment and a floating week. Later find out that it was a limited week one and that we would have to pay more for weeks outside this period when we wanted vacation. Also pressure selling going over and over again how it was an investment. Along with a sob story of how they guy was dying and how he had to provide and ensure he would be able to provide a good life for his daughter after he'd died and this sale would go towards doing just that."

3rd April 2017 - Mrs P R - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought initially 1998 then upgraded in 2002 approx. We have been tied in to 74 years. Obviously we are not going to be alive for that length of time and don’t want to pass this burden to our children."

3rd April 2017 - Mrs Linda K, Essex - RCI

"Just seems over last couple of years hardly anything available. They seem more interested in acting like a travel agent and selling most of the accommodation to the general public rather than fee-paying members."

31st March 2017 - Mrs D M - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Would like to know how to leave CLC - having been a member for about 18 years we now find the fees too high to justify the holidays."

29th March 2017 - Mr Steven K, West Midlands - Anfi Group

"I purchased a floating week with Anfi as part of the vocational club in 2012. I was harassed and pushed into putting a deposit to stop there for 1 night and then pressured to sign-up for purchase fincnace, which I did through a loan the very next day with Hitachi. I pay £200/mth for 10 years. I also pay extortionate maintenance bills in the region of €850/year. Last year I complained about several leaks on the balcony and brown water coming out the taps. Not quite the luxury I thought I was paying for. Do I have a case to claim back my money and also cancel the contract? Kind Regards Steve"

27th March 2017 - Mr John S, County Antrim - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Was promised no problem booking where you want in Tenerife at any time of the year, when I try always NO AVAILABILITY on these dates. But when I look on there is plenty of availability at the resort."

20th March 2017 - Miss Sara T, London - Westgate

"Bought Timeshare from Westgate in 2005 under high pressured sale, paid 1200 upfront, now fully paid off. Mounting maintenance fees and perpetuity contract."

20th March 2017 - Mr David C, South Yorkshire - Bluegreen Vacations Points

"Bought Feb 2016.  Never used and not likely to after a year of family bereavements. Just want out and now have debts coming in from maintainance fees and admin costs etc. and now been told to pay full mortgage or try to sell."

20th March 2017 - Mr Barry K - RCI Points

"I have been asked to pay an extra fee along with my yearly maintenance. I was assured that this wouldn't happen when I took on the points scheme. Is this enforceable?"

20th March 2017 - Mr Michael L, Glamorgan - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Can not get two weeks together for summer holidays.  Have been trying for three years now booking two years in advance."

20th March 2017 - Mrs Sandra L, Bedfordshire - RCI Fixed Week

"I need some advice with regards to my elderly mother's timeshare."

20th March 2017 - Ms J N - Club La Costa Fractional

"We feel hemmed in and know we won't be using CLC.  We bought in 2016 then my Mum died and they still pestered us to upgrade.  Held out that time but wish hadn't bought in the first place.  Please could you help?"

19th March 2017 - Mr Mark G - Diamond Resorts Points

"Became full member last September with 7500 points per year and promise we'd have no problems booking the resort we wanted. Since then found almost impossible to get resort, despite availability shown when booking directly with resort on DRI website. Not what we were promised."

19th March 2017 - Mrs Pam W, Somerset - Silverpoint/Resort Properties

"My husband and I paid £25,000 for investment timeshares in 2008. My husband passed away in 2009 and I have struggled to reclaim my losses since. Is there anything I can do that I haven't already tried please?"

19th March 2017 - Mr Robert B, Surrey - Radisson Blu, Golden Sands Malta

"We have been sold two upgrades with a promise to resell that we have not been able to do. We are now heavily in debt to this. I believe that one is in perpetuity."

18th March 2017 - Mr F D, Lanarkshire - CLC Fractional

"Looking for advice on if we have a case for mis-selling."

18th March 2017 - Dr Diane B, Notts - Marriott Resorts Floating Weeks  

"Our contract is an 'in perpetuity' one. We bought on the day and paid in full by bank transfer. The contract dates from around 2005. We have not used the timeshare for the last three years but have had to pay the fees every year regardless Is our contract legal?"

18th March 2017 - Mr Errol M, Midlothian - CLC Fractional

"Hi, I've been on a 2 year journey to bring an end to this CLC racket. Please could you provide help with the following:

•  Our voidable contracts need to be annulled, due to
- perpetuity
- favourable association between CLC & Hitachi Finance
- CLC bulling sales tactics
- the contracts have not been notarised, a Spanish law requirement
•  Finance agreements to be stopped
•  Reimbursement of payment payments made



Errol M"

18th March 2017 - Mr Ian B, Herts - Starwood/Sheraton Vistana Orlando

"We have 3 floating weeks in florida which we no longer use but don't seem to be able to terminate the contract which costs $900 per week maintenance.  Any ideas?"

18th March 2017 - Mr W Watkins, West Midlands - Bahia Blanca, Gran Canaria

"My wife passed away two months ago and I would like to sell, but the resort at Bahia Blanca Gran Canaria will not offer me anything."

17th March 2017 - Mrs Janet M, Greater Manchester - CLC Points

"Want to get rid and of this and to see if my parents were originally mis-sold"

15th March 2017 - Mr Chris J, South Yorkshire - RCI Floating Weeks

"This has been passed to me by my parents. Can you help me get out of it?"

15th March 2017 - Mr N C - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I'm too old and sickly to travel anymore, as well as were not told the truth when we purchase additional points in how it would affect our usage and costs."

14th March 2017 - Mr Anil A, Middlesex - Orange Lakes

"Have never used since signing for the time share in October 1996. The maintenance charges are nearly $800 yearly."

14th March 2017 - Mr David D - Anfi, Floating Weeks

"Hi, please could you tell me if I have a case to claim back my money and cancel my contract with Anfi?  We were on an all-inclusive holiday in Gran Canaria when a person came to us and gave us a scratchcard and apparently we won top prize.  They took us to Anfi in a taxi, to cut a long story short we got roped into buying a timeshare there on floating weeks.  They took a £3500 deposit straight away and said they would move us into Anfi on our 2nd night of our 14 night holiday, so I went to the hotel, packed up and we left.  Anfi then said the £3500 would be put down as expenses to stay there after we moved in there.  We are still paying on finance for the rest of the balance which was around £10,000.  We were told that flights to Gran Canaria would be cheap also.  We now cannot afford to go and stay there and i have heard that it is illegal to sell floating weeks and take a deposit on the day.  I hope this is true because I wish we had never went there in the first place, it has put me off going on holiday.  These people should be locked up for ruining other peoples lives. Kind regards,  David D."

14th March 2017 - Mr Ivor R - Lagos de Fanabe II, Tenerife

"The timeshare is owned by my son and his wife after they took it over from me due to my illness. Then the company changed and they have treated him shabbily. On his first visit he was asked for a futher large sum to use his own appartment as it had been refurbished and it was occupied by someone else.  It has been a burden to him ever since and he wishes to be rid of it for good."

14th March 2017 - Mr Luke T, Kent - Anfi Group

"We were sold a bi-annual timeshare and despite being told it was a great investment and that Anfi would sell it for us and or buy it back in the future they  have not helped with either."

14th March 2017 - Mr Narjit J - Diamond Resorts Points

"Originally joined as Sunterra then became GVC, then Diamond Resorts got pressured on several hoildays to but more points now have 15000 points and need a way out of ever increasing fees."

13th March 2017 - Mrs Margaret E, Berkshire - Silverpoint

"I need to get out of paying for a Paradiso apartment in Tenerife, for which I am paying off a loan to Barclays Partner Finance of £28,500.  I have received an invoice for £600 as this years' maintenance.  I was never given any cooling off period."

13th March 2017 - Mr David L - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Many benefits have been reduced or eliminated. Can no longer purchase airline tickets, rent cars or obtain reimbursement for fees by using points."

13th March 2017 - Mrs Jean C, Nottinghamshire - Silverpoint

"I have to keep paying my fees even though I never use it  as I have no one to go with and don't want to travel alone."

10th March 2017 - Mr Gary S, Angus - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I have had my Timeshare for around 20 years and is a Perpetuity type but I want out of this deal."

9th March 2017 - Dr Ailsa C, Midlothian - Heritage Resorts

"Query on behalf of elderly parents who are trying to get rid of their timeshare due to failing health."

9th March 2017 - Mr Raymond W - Hilton Grand Vacations Club 

"Increasingly expensive maintenance fees and diminishing opportunities to swap resorts!"

8th March 2017 - Miss Doris E, Essex - Staysky Vacation Club, Florida

"Timeshare in Orlando Florida, could we get help to get out of the contract please?"

7th March 2017 - Ms Natalie P - Westgate Floating Weeks

"We have been paying the fees and mortgage payments for over 2 years.  We were sold a 2 bedroom with loft conversion to sleep 10, but now they only have 2 bedroom available.  We paid deposit when we signed agreements and then had to pay a further 3 big payments over 3 mths to cover full deposit before paying our loan payments. We were told that it would be good investment an that they will most likely buy it back at the end of the 10 yrs. We are paying maintenance fees but not using the timeshare as we simply can't afford to get back out to Florida. Are there any options for us?"

7th March 2017 - Mr Andrew C, Gloucestershire - Silverpoint

"We were originally with Club-la-Costa and Silverpoint then bought our CLC from us on the condition that we bought we had to purchase a second timeshare from them.  We have since tried to sell them back but have had no interest."

7th March 2017 - Ms Natalie P - Westgate Floating Weeks

"We have been paying the fees and mortgage payments for over 2 years.  We were sold a 2 bedroom with loft conversion to sleep 10, but now they only have 2 bedroom available.  We paid deposit when we signed agreements and then had to pay a further 3 big payments over 3 mths to cover full deposit before paying our loan payments. We were told that it would be good investment an that they will most likely buy it back at the end of the 10 yrs. We are paying maintenance fees but not using the timeshare as we simply can't afford to get back out to Florida. Are there any options for us?"

7th March 2017 - Mr Andrew C, Gloucestershire - Silverpoint

"We were originally with Club-la-Costa and Silverpoint then bought our CLC from us on the condition that we bought we had to purchase a second timeshare from them.  We have since tried to sell them back but have had no interest."

7th March 2017 - Mrs Janet A, Hampshire - MacDonald Resorts 

"My husband and I bought this together in 1985.  Was told it was an investment.  Thought in perpetuity meant for our lifetime.  Now fallen behind on fees and have been hounded by debt companies.  They did not care that my husband was ill and have only just realised he died three years ago.  I am disabled and unable to use it."

7th March 2017 - Mrs Meena S, West Midlands - Silverpoint

"We want to know how we can get out of this timeshare.  The maintenance costs have gone up beyond our imagination and cannot continue with these in the future.  Have tried to sell with no luck."

22nd February 2017 - Mrs Anna Marie D, Midlothian - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We were promised that they would buy back our points at the same price we paid. All lies."

7th March 2017 - Mrs Angie D, Kent - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"We purchased a firm week at Fairways in Tenerife but Fairways changed it to floating later on. Since then Fairways have changed to someone else and we are left very confused. We bought into Infiniti which has changed to MGM."

6th March 2017 - Mrs Cynthia P - Tempomar Apartments, Algarve

"2 weeks timeshare purchased in 1985 was changed from original apartment block, which was being sold off by the company, to another similar apartment block in 2009.  Holidays since have been taken in the replacement apartment."

5th March 2017 - Mrs Shelly F, Cheshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I bought my options in Florida and looking at their agreement wording, if you bought in Florida to cancel you just don't need to pay your fees in January when due. I've emailed them 4 times asking them to confirm this but they've not replied to any of them. In my last one I said if they don't reply I'll assume they are in agreement. I had no reply.  But if I can get some money back too that would be fantastic. I'd love to hear your advice."

5th March 2017 - Mrs A Moss - Anfi, Floating Weeks

"I also have RCI membership, plus I pay 2 lots of maintenance fees"

5th March 2017 - Mrs Linda C,  Aberdeenshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We are Silver members with Diamond Resorts.  The management fees are very expensive and we are very worried about retirement as we know we will not be able to afford the fees, also sometimes don't use them so they disappear.  We are therefore paying for nothing.  Would be glad of advice.

4th March 2017 - Mrs Sharon W, Gloucestershire - Diamond Resorts Points

"They sold us an increase in points and was told us there would only be a small increase in maintenance fee.  Ended up being £916 more."

4th March 2017 - Mr M R, Surrey - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Fractional

"We have just had our contract terminated by solicitors, but they don't want to get involved with taking DRI to court for the mis-selling of fractions which cost us over £29000. How can I get this back?"

3rd March 2017 - Mr Andrew M - RCI Fixed weeks

"Require information on the potential mis-sales of my timeshares and whether any are claimable back, either independently or through the UK court"

2nd March 2017 - Mr Robert R - RCI Points

"We were originally weeks owner with RCI but a few years ago we 'sold 'our week to Diversified Resorts when we were approached on holiday in Spain as he said that would work better for us. How do we get out of this? "

2nd March 2017 - Mr John C, Kent - CLC Fractional

"I started with a points trial, then I was sold fractional ownership in 20/10/2013. CLC let properties to non-members thereby reducing the dates when holidays can be taken. It was not explained that fractional ownership required all the owners to agree to sell on a specific date."

2nd March 2017 - Dr David W, Cheshire - Fairways Club, Tenerife

"Have been able to make very little use during nearly 30 years of ownership.  Never been to Fairways - seek exit."

2nd March 2017 - Mr Brian J, Kent - Ona Group

"Original purchase with Lion Resorts Cyprus then transferred to Ona Group"

1st March 2017 - Mr Mohammed K - CLC Fractional

"Mis-sold this product to us and we can’t use it to its full capacity.  Management charges going up year after year, therefore want to get rid of CLC."

1st March 2017 - Mrs M D, Surrey - Diamond Resorts

"We bought a fixed week via Diamond resorts in Greece Rhodos. We were told we could exchange our weeks via Diamond but now after three years it is all of the sudden no longer possible and we now have to take our fixed week or exchange via RCI and pay an extra extortionate fee to do this. We do not want this so how can I get out without losing all the money that I invested?"

28th February 2017 - Mrs J M, Kent - Westgate Resorts    

"We have owned since the 1980's but were always told they would repurchase them once they had finished building on site, they have now finished building but will not buy back"

28th February 2017 - Mr Geoff C - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"Sent a letter to company say that I was not paying as contract is void due to in perpetuity clause. They have sent another bill and not replied to letter."

28th February 2017 - Mr Martyn M, Merseyside - Club La Costa

"I am a CLC World member and I desperately want out. My partner and I became members in 2015 and it was the worst decision we ever made. The sales person pressured us into signing, I did not feel comfortable signing but my partner thought it would be good for the kids. When the sales people told us about the fees, they did not mention that the fees could increase like they have. We were told it was an additional £300 a year, it's gone up to £1000. We tried to book a holiday recently and were unable to due to availability. We have not used any of our holiday points yet as we cannot afford the cost of a holiday now. The stress has sent my partner and I into depression because we cannot afford to keep up with payments. I wish we never joined, I want out and I want my money back."

28th February 2017 - Mr Ronald P, Perthshire - Clube Praia da Oura, Algarve

"I purchased a time share in 1993 in Portugal I can no longer afford the extortionate fees and think I was mis-sold as the contract wasn't made clear to me. Regards, Ronnie."

27th February 2017 - Mrs J L, Yorkshire - De Vere / Q Hotels

"I have had a timeshare through De Vere Resort ownership for 16 years . I have been made redundant and haven't used the timeshare for the last 5 years. I cannot afford the management charges as they have tripled since I purchased it. I paid £9600 over 3 years interest free credit and was advised that I could sell whenever, which has simply not been true."

27th February 2017 - Mrs Angela P, London - RCI/Pearly Grey

"When we purchased it was on the recommendation to revert to RCI points to have best advantage. I am now a widow and find the maintenance, together with RCI membership fees plus the charges to book a timeshare when I already own far to expensive for only one income." 

26th February 2017 - Mrs Anne H - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Fractional

"Changed to fractional as means of getting out of in perpetuity clause, but feel it was mis-sold as a future investment with profitable return. Have higher maintenance fees, no better availability and the 'exclusive' element no longer exists as resorts are always full of online late booking people." 

25th February 2017 - Mrs Beverley D, London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Purchased a red week 'in perpetuity' in 2002 for £16000 with annual maintenance currently standing at £795.00."  

25th February 2017 - Mrs R P - Anfi Group

"Bought in Oct 2016, deposit paid during 14-day cooling off, balance in Jan 2017. Worried about maintenance costs going up and even though contract is for (exactly) 50 years, does this mean next of kin become liable if we die before 2066?"

25th February 2017 - Mrs Vivien G, Angus - Westgate

"Desperate to sell. Bought in Florida in 2006 whilst on holiday with husband and daughter. Whole day wasted sat in a hotel. Convinced to buy timeshare but have never been back and paying over $800 per year maintenance. Please advise."

23rd February 2017 - Mrs Jo-Anne G, Yorkshire - Sheraton/Starwood

"Own with Starwood as part of the Sheraton Group but are also members with RCI & Interval International."

22nd February 2017 - Mrs Anna Marie D, Midlothian - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We were promised that they would buy back our points at the same price we paid. All lies."

22nd February 2017 - Mr Peter M - Orange Lakes

"Bought 1 week in 1999 in Orange Lake Florida .Paid on c.c monthly plus annual charge. Refund would be good!"

21st February 2017 - Mrs Grace D, Surrey - RCI

"Purchased timeshare with Sunset World at Cancun, Mexico in partnership with RCI."

21st February 2017 - Mrs Maureen G, Spain - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought off site in England and "upgraded?" 3 times during the following years. Sometimes no accomodation not available and fees have risen from just over £200 to £1500 which we think too much now."

21st February 2017 - Mr Craig M, Stirlingshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"CLC Diamond membership costing £40,000.  We pay £2500 a year in maintenance fees also we cannot have the holidays we want nor the times of year or our chosen accommodation we joined in around 2002 and were pressured all the time to buy more  now we hate it and want rid of it and the annual fees which in itself we could have a fab holiday using that money !!"

21st February 2017 - Mrs Clare H, Lincolnshire - Oasis Lakes/Bluegreen

"I bought my timeshare in florida whilst on holiday. The apartments at the time was owned by Airtours. I had to pay a deposit on the day and set up repayments with their credit company First National on that day as well."

21st February 2017 - Mrs Christine S - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"Have had points since 2000 and just want out."

20th February 2017 - Mr Mohammed K - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Fed up with ever-increasing management charges and higher interest rate for the finance arranged through CLC."

18th February 2017 - Mr Derek D - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I am 75 and may wish to get out of my contract  due health reasons."

17th February 2017 - Mr D W, Derbyshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Bought in as points circa 1999. Increased when on holiday and now have 11000 points. Horrific fees of £1400 for 2017"

17th February 2017 - Mr Colin H, Devon - Westgate

"We were sold the timeshare on the basis that Westgate would have the first option to buy in the event that we wished to sell it. I now have ill health so cannot use the timeshare as I would wish, Westgate offer no help in solving this problem and I cannot sell the timeshare on the open market.  Accommodation within the timeshare now sold as if it was a hotel at rates cheaper than I am paying in maintenance. I paid in full for the timeshare within the cooling off period. Do I have any options?"

16th February 2017 - Mrs Julia V - RCI Points

"Bullied into contract, told by sales person they would buy back if we didn't use or want any longer, unable to book, told maintenance fee would be no more than $200 a year. Bullied into paying on credit card."

16th February 2017 - Mr Raymond S, Herefordshire - OnaGrup

"We have 2 weeks floating in Majorca with Onagrup and would like to know how to get out of it and whether we can claim anything back?"

16th February 2017 - Ms Penny M, Kent - Fairways Club Tenerife

"My brother and I have 2 floating red weeks that I want to sell.  I purchased them from TAG that looks like they have closed now so I thought I would ask you what I should do?"

15th February 2017 - Mr Stephen J, London - Club La Costa

"I have been in contact with a Spanish legal company, after going through my documents they have said that as all CLC's registered addresses are outside Spain, they cannot pursue my case through the Spanish system. Can you help?" 


15th February 2017 - Mr Andrew N, Cornwall - Diamond Resorts (GVC)

"Bought 50 points from GVC in 2001 and 50 points in 2002. (Now listed with Diamond as 10,000 per annum - I have 20,000 available right now. It doesn't work for us, I am out of work and cannot afford to continue the management fees. I am fully up to date with the fees but would like to exit." 

14th February 2017 - Mrs Tina H, Berkshire - RCI Floating Weeks


"Never able to book as never any availability.,  Resort is now being let to non owners and advertised via travel agents online. Even when I know there is availability as can book via a travel agent they tell me there is not."