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Free Yourself from Anfi Timeshare,
Stop Paying Maintenance Fees & potentially Claim £££££s Back

Spanish Supreme Court rules that ANFI Timeshares were mis-sold and orders pay-outs of £40,000+ to Timeshare Owners.  Do You Also Qualify To Claim?


The Anfi Group of Gran Canaria operates one of the most aggressively marketed Timeshare resorts in Europe and the ground-breaking Spanish Supreme Court judgment of January 2015, and similar cases that have followed, have set legal precedents with wide-reaching consequences for Anfi Timeshare owners. (See recent Anfi Timeshare owner comments here)


In January 2015, the Spanish Supreme Court ruled in favour of Timeshare owner Mrs Tove Grimsbo, declaring that Anfi Sales SL were guilty of mis-selling Timeshare in breach of Spanish and European Law.  The Court ordered that the contract was null & void and ordered Anfi to refund a total of €40000 to Mrs Grimsbo, including the original purchase cost and subsequent maintenance fees.


In this case, the Court ruled that Anfi had broken two specific laws.  Firstly, Anfi had required that Mrs Grimsbo paid a deposit within the statutory 14-day cooling off period; and secondly, Anfi had sold the Timeshare contract "in perpetuity", which effectively committed Mrs Grimsbo (and her next of kin) to paying timeshare maintenance fees to Anfi for ever.


Further judgments against Anfi and other timeshare groups have followed, with additional legal precedents being set regarding upgrades/trade-ins, "floating weeks" and other instances of mis-selling, with Timeshare owners being awarded full refunds of up to €53000.

Timeshare Advice Network provides independent, expert advice and services to members of many types of timeshare, points and holiday ownership schemes - and we have already helped a high number of Anfi Timeshare owners who were looking for a way out of their long-term membership contracts.


Now, in light of all the recent Court judgments, we strongly recommend that Anfi owners seek immediate independent advice to see if one or more of these legal precedents affect their own Anfi Timeshare contracts. 


To find out your options for getting out of your Anfi Timeshare and to see whether you may qualify for a full refund due to Anfi's mis-selling practices, please complete the short SEE YOUR OPTIONS form or call one of our specialist Anfi advisors now on 01628 290499.

Tuesday 16th July 2024 - Update: We remain fully equipped to provide help and advice remotely via telephone/video calls. However, our offices are again open to welcome you, should you prefer to arrange to meet in person. Please make your preferences known to your advisor, thank you!

11th July 2024 – Mr & Mrs H, Oxfordshire – Anfi Group

“The Timeshare was sold to us as an investment and there was explanation of any cooling-off period.  We also took out a loan for the original Timeshare purchase and still had to pay Fees through the pandemic.  Having watched your video, we think there is a very good chance that it was mis-sold to us.  How do we find out if we can claim compensation?” 

6th May 2024 - Mrs Brenda M, Oxfordshire – Anfi Timeshare, Gran Canaria

“Bought this ages ago and had some nice holidays to begin with, but we’re getting old and my husband is less mobile now so we can’t use it any more really.  I’m sure they said we could sell it back to them but they now say this isn’t possible any more.  Can’t afford to keep paying the fees just need to get rid of it”

1st March 2024 - Mrs Janet S, Lancashire - Anfi Timeshare, Gran Canaria

"We had to keep paying fees even though we couldn't use it during the pandemic and now we haven't been able to book this year because they say its too busy since the pandemic!  Feels like we're paying for other people to go on holiday while we can't. Not sure if its true but a couple of people have told us that Anfi have gone bankrupt so we have no idea what effect that will have.  We just want to stop paying fees and see if we can claim any of our money back."

4th December 2023 - Mrs Lucy G, South Glamorgan - Anfi Timeshare

""Maintenance fees went too high and it stopped being exclusive ages ago.  Its much cheaper to book just book alternative holiday on the internet than pay their fees."

11th May 2023 - Mrs Alice D, Lanarkshire - Anfi Gran Canaria

"Having read all about it now, I'm sure we were mis-sold this Anfi timeshare.  We we're on holiday in Gran Canaria with young teenage kids and were suckered into going for a tour of the resort, which looked very impressive at the time, but we ended up being pressured for hours until they seemed to give us a very good deal and a loan to cover the cost.  Used it a few times, but then had health issues, then the pandemic and just want to get out of it now." 

5th March 2023 - Mr Darren K - Anfi Timeshare Member

"I have an Anfi timeshare which I've not been able to use since 2019 because of the pandemic.  Now it’s gone into arrears as I can’t afford to pay the monthly instalments.  I’ve asked them to release me from my contract so I can stop paying the fees I can;t afford any more. But they have refused and are now sending the debt to a UK debt collection agency. " 

12th Jan 2023 - Mr Daniel D - Anfi Timeshare Owner

"We had another child and were told that we could not attend Anfi again without paying an additional membership fee of £16,000!  The Anfi Group told us that since our family had grown from a family of 4 to 5 that we could not use our timeshare again, or allow another person to stay as they had sold original sold the timeshare to us.  We have paid them a lot of money already and only had limited use of it, especially due to Covid since 2020. Surely this can't be legal!"

Anfi Recent Customer Comments
Timeshare Exit Options


The first and most important step on the way to exiting your timeshare contract is to seek independent, expert advice on your options.


Any promises made about your timeshare having a resale value are likely to be false.  There are 100s of timeshares being offered for sale right now on eBay for 99p... but nobody buys them due to the enormous fee commitments that they carry.


To get a truly independent view of how to rid yourself and your family of your timeshare burden, see your Timeshare Exit Options now.

Timeshare Claims


The timeshare industry has for been largely unregulated, as timeshare falls outside the laws that govern property sales or "investments".  


This means timeshares have routinely been sold in high-pressure environments, with false promises often being made and never fulfilled.


However, recent landmark legal rulings now mean that as many as 150,000 Timeshare, Points or Fractional ownership contracts are illegal.  To find out your Rights and whether you may be entitled to claim your money back, please take independent advice today.

Our Guarantee


Some of the Timeshare, Points or Fractional owners we hear from have a clear idea of what they want to do, e.g. to cancel their contract or pursue a compensation claim.


But the vast majority haven't decided what they want to do at all - and have often received confusing & conflicting advice from their resort, the "resale" companies and other timeshare owners.


If you are simply concerned that things aren't right and want to get some initial guidance from the independent experts, then we're here to help...

Here to Help

For FREE expert advice on how to solve your Timeshare problems and to see whether you may have been mis-sold, please call one of our friendly advisors now on 01628 290499 or use the short form above to see your options.  


We'll listen to your concerns, then advise you on your best options for exiting your Timeshare contract and whether you have potential grounds for a mis-selling claim.

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