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Exit Club La Costa Timeshare

Legal Precedent set as Spanish Court rules mis-sold CLC Timeshare contract Null & Void and orders Club La Costa to pay customer back in full 

CLC Loses Landmark Mis-Selling Case - Setting Key Legal Precedents & Triggering Avalanche of Claims 

- Judge declares Club La Costa Timeshare contract Null & Void;

- Club La Costa ordered to pay back purchase price, fees & interest to Customer;

- Club La Costa ordered to pay Court Fees;

- Customer is free of future Club La Costa Timeshare liabilities.

- Do you also qualify to claim your purchase cost & fees back from CLC?


This ground-breaking legal case follows similar judgments against Anfi and other major Timeshare groups in setting important legal precedents, and giving hope to thousands of Club La Costa (CLC) Timeshare, Points & Fractional owners who tell us they are frustrated to be paying very high fees without being able to book the holidays they were promised.


If you were sold any sort of Club La Costa Timeshare (including weeks, points, fractional ownership or any sort of upgrade or "trade-in") since January 1999 - especially if you paid any money (either a deposit, or in full) or signed for finance within the 14-day cooling off period - it is important that you contact us now to find out your rights.


You can read the full Court Judgement below - and to find out if you may also have grounds to claim against CLC following these new legal precedents, please complete the short enquiry form or call one of our expert advisers now on 01628 290499.

To find out your options for getting out of CLC Timeshare, Points or Fractional ownership and to see if you may also have grounds to claim against CLC, please complete the short enquiry form or call one of our expert advisors now on 01628 290499

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