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About Timeshare Advice Network

Our expert advisors have vast experience in advising and helping timeshare, points and "fractional" owners to fully and finally get out of their unwanted contracts and rid themselves of long-term timeshare fee liabilities.


We are able to help with contract disposals across the vast majority of timeshare resorts & groups worldwide, but we are especially well-versed in helping customers of Diamond Resorts (DRI),  RCI Points/WeeksClub La Costa (CLC)Silverpoint and a number of other (see details...).  


Due to recent ground-breaking Supreme Court rulings, which have set a number of important legal precedent regarding Timeshare Mis-Selling, we are also providing advice & help on potential grounds for compensation claims against the timeshare resorts/groups and related finance, management and/or exchange companies.


We provide honest, genuinely independent and unbiased advice and services and we have no connection with any Timeshare resorts, groups, "industry bodies" or resellers - or any other organisition which benefits from the Timeshare fees you pay each year. 


So, for free expert advice about your specific timeshare situation and options, please call us now on Freephone 01628 290499 or complete the short form to the right.

About Us

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