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Take your first step towards Freedom from Timeshare 

Your Timeshare Exit & Claim Options


The first step on the road to freedom from your Timeshare contract is to find out exactly where you stand - and that means seeking INDEPENDENT, unbiased advice from the experts. 


You may well be planning to speak to your Timeshare Group or Resort - or may have already have done so - but please remember that they have a very strong vested interest in keeping you locked into a timeshare contract and committed to paying ongoing fees.  


After all, your contract may be worth tens of £1000s to them in future income (read more...) and these are the very people to whom you probably paid a large some of money when they first sold you the timeshare - and the same people who collect ever-increasing fees from you each year. 


Some organisations, such as Club La Costa for example, may try to sell you an alternative product, such as "Fractional Ownership" instead - as a way to upgrade/replace your existing timeshare contract.  However, such schemes invariably mean that you have to pay more money up-front and higher fees for a long period, on the promise of potential returns in the distant future... Sounds familiar?  

Well that's because they are basically just trying to sell you a different flavour of timeshare - and you may also be signing away your Rights to claim compensation.

So, to get a truly unbiased view of your options, based on your specific timeshare contract, history and personal circumstances, please take the first step by completing this short form - or by calling one of our expert advisors now on 01628 290499.


Please remember, Timeshare Advice Network will treat your enquiry in the strictest of confidence, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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