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Timeshare Owner Queries

Recent Comments from other Diamond Resorts 

Timeshare, Points & Fractional Owners.

We receive comments, questions and queries from scores of troubled Diamond Resorts (DRI) Timeshare, Points & Fractional owners members each month and have published a few recent examples below. 


You can read earlier comments from other Diamond Resorts customers here or, for a confidential assessment on how to tackle your personal Timeshare issue and to find out whether you are also affected by the recent legal precedents on Timeshare Mis-selling, please complete the "See Your Options" form.


15th November 2016 - Mr    Robin E, Surrey - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Owned 1 week timeshare since 1991 and maintenance charges have rocketed from c£100 pa to £600+. Impossible to sell... Is there anything I can do to get rid of this? Many thanks, Robin"

15th November 2016 - Mr David G, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I originally bought my Diamond Resort timeshare at Cromer Country Club when it was Thurnham Vacation Club.  I haven't been able to use it for several years, whilst fees climb higher each year.  I just want to get rid!"

14th November 2016 - Mrs Sharon G - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Have been trying to get rid of my points timeshare in for ages. My husband has health conditions now and we can not afford the payments.  He has also developed a heart condition for which the medication is very expensive. I've contacted them on numerous occasions and receive no satisfaction. No response or concern for our dilemma. They just keep taking money from our account."

13th November 2016 - Mrs Elizabeth F, West Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Thought we had a week's holiday every year but not had one as we can't book anything.  Was an expensive trial week, not happy."

13th November 2016 - Mr    John D - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We have been told that we will not get out of Diamond in 15 yrs after all, as they never actually sell any Fractional properties."

13th November 2016 - Mrs Anita M, Lanarkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Looking for advice as we are aware management fees are to increase by 13% next year.  Originally bought as Sunterra."

12th November 2016 - Mr  Steven S, County Durham - Diamond Resorts / GVC

"We joined GVC in 2002 and now own 15000 points. We are wanting get out of our contract and also see if there is a case of mis-selling. Thank you, Steven."

7th November 2016 - Ms Jean H - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Own 2 weeks at Sunset Beach club, Benalmadena. Weeks 31 & 32. Extortionate maintenance increase.  How can I get out?"

5th November 2016 - Mr L C - Crown Resorts & Diamond Resorts

"I have points with Crown Resorts and also have a timeshare with Grand Vacation/Sunterra then Diamand Resorts. I feel that I was totally mis-sold these timeshares."

4th November 2016 - Mr John D - Diamond Resorts Fractional

"Have fractions and been advised we have been mis-sold"

1st November 2016 - Mr David C, Lincolnshire - Diamond Resorts Points

"Initially we purchased a week at Thurnham Hall. We were told that we own a part of the Hall and if it was ever sold we would get a percentage of the value. This did not happen and we have been passed on multiple times to new companies, whom each time told us that our timeshare was worthless and we needed to transfer into their scheme at a cost. Each time we did not pay and after a period of time was transferred automatically.  Our maintenance fees were guaranteed not to increase by more than the rate of inflation, this was not honoured. Additional sinking fund demands have been made and paid."

31st October 2016 - Mrs Lynn F, Suffolk - Diamond Resorts Points

"We were originally with Sunterra then became Diamond Resorts. Tried to get out but they offered no help and told us we just have to keep up the payments.  We just want to walk away, but can we do this without being chased for money?"

26th October 2016 - Mrs L H - Diamond Resorts (DRI)  

"With GVC, then DRI, now Apollo. Have fractional and points. Rising maintenance and we were mis-advised re fractions."

24th October 2016 - Mrs U, North Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)  

"Bought points in 2003 told that in 2053 all properties would be sold and we would be given share of profits! It was sold to us as good investment for our children! Then in 2013 we were told the only way out was to buy fractional.. Feel totally exploited!"

13th October 2016 - Mrs Lisa B, Derbyshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)  

"Bought into this years ago and it gets more expensive each yr"

10th October 2016 - Mr Martin O, Kent - Diamond Resorts (DRI)  


"Points owner since 2000. Thoroughly disillusioned and no way out."

4th October 2016 - Mrs M G - Diamond Resorts (DRI)  

"I am tired of not being able to use points, it being cheaper to just rent a room via the internet. Lie after lie each time I talk to DRI, how do we get out?"

27th September 2016 - Mr C M, Tyne & Wear - Diamond Resorts (DRI)  


"DRI would not let us cancel 3 years ago we told them we wanted nothing more to do with them as what we had been sold did not fit the needs we were promised by them and the management fees went up to £1500 but we could not get to where we would like to go. We have just received a bill for £5073.04 from a debt recovery agency. what is our next move?"

13th September 2016 - Mr David R, West Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We joined under the old Sunterra brand and then without any info found this had been taken over by Diamond Resorts and now DR has been taken over, again with no notification to members. We have always struggled to get the place we want and have also found we can book via other agencies for resorts and locations supposed to be DR members only and cheaper!  Very disillusioned,unhappy with the whole thing not least the very high management fees and unable to get what we want when we want it - very far removed from what we were originally told and want out."

5th September 2016 - Mr John U - Diamond Resorts (DRI)  

"Originally bought timeshare in 1998 for one week.  Then converted the week to points, plus bought additional points with Diamond Resorts. Cannot afford the maintenance any more."

23rd August 2016 - Mr Ian B - Diamond Resorts (DRI)    

"Have been wanting to get out for years but have been unable too."

22nd August 2016 - Ms Margaret C, Cheshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)    

"Would like to know how I can get out of the agreement.  I am now divorced & have been left with it."

22nd August 2016 - Mr Andrew F, Essex - Diamond Resorts (DRI)  

"We signed up in 2015 for a 3 year trial plan on the discover Diamond plan. The stipulation we made at the time of contract is that our 2 week holiday each year would be required as a block booking. We have now tried to book for 12 months time and have been informed there is no availability for any 2 week plans. The head office told us to take it up with the representative, which we have done as we are currently on a resort, however they have advised us they cannot help and head office will need to assist. It seems no one wants to take responsibility for what we were promised at the time of sale. Can you please advise if there is a way we can get the percentage of the money back for our unused weeks."

18th August 2016 - Mr P B, Kent - Diamond Resorts    

"I have timeshare points with Diamond Resorts. I am unable be to find Holidays I want and the maintenance fee are expensive and rising. I am seeking advice to get out of this."

10th August 2016 - Anne W, Lanarkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I bought into GVC which then changed to sunterra my points were exchanged to 5000, they then changed to DRI, we joined in 1997 not sure what my contract is but 2054 does ring a bell, don't feel we were explained the contract correctly, and like most people have found it hard to get the holiday you want, also the fees have went up from my original payment of 250 a year to now 876."

8th August 2016 - Beverley D - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I had points and was told when I informed I was getting divorced and couldn't afford to keep them, that I had to change to fixed week to be able to sell them. I did this but as management fees were less than half those of points, i have managed to keep the timeshare for a few years. However, last year without my knowledge or agreement. The resort I have been going to changed from a fixed apartment ( which is what my contract says o had bought) to a floating apartment with no guarantee of which apartment I would get. I spoke with the committee member in November as I only found out about this when I arrived at the resort to be told yes we've allocated you apartment xxx.  When I first got the timeshare it was an exclusive owned complex. I now find that I can book a week there cheaper by ot other sites. It is no longer what I bought and as I have taken a massive pay cut I can no longer afford the maintenance. Can someone please help. I am noiw getting letters telling me a debt collector may be assigned . I do not know what to do."

8th August 2016 - Jean F, Aberdeenshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Am silver member of Diamond Resorts but after being made redundant nearly a year ago cannot afford maintenance fees and after ploughing £18000 at least since 2013 enough is enough!!!! Advice is required please."

8th August 2016 - J H, Berkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Bought 1990, no cooling off period bought on an 'in perpetuity' basis. Only ever used once (early on) in 26 yrs, but not at our named resort - as it was fully booked/unavailable. Resort given totally unsuitable. Complaint made but not resolved. Now unable through health and financial restraints able to use. Tried unsuccessfully to sell."

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4th August 2016 - Mr Paul T, N Ireland - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"Need to find out how to get out of the contract with DRI."

1st August 2016    - Mr David J, Stirlingshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"Bought from GVC and would like to get out of Diamond contract."

1st August 2016    - Mrs Carole C - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I bought into a timeshare in approx 2002 or 2003. I was unable to keep up the payments and went into slight arrears and without warning was served a CCJ. They are still chasing me."

30th July 2016 - Mr Paul B, Cumbria - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We feel we have been mis-sold as we can never get a 2 week holiday when we want."

19th July 2016 - Mr Alan K - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Can't get weeks when required. Maintenance rising too fast. We can get holiday including flights for much less on the internet. Had Diamond Resorts from 2004. HELP"

18th July 2016 - Mrs Denise B, Invernessshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We originally bought with GVC in 1999, then changed to Sunterra, then Diamond resorts and now been sold again.  Maintenance fees are so high and availability not good.  Also worried about our children having to take on the burden (we were unaware that the points would be automatically transferred to them).  More and more the availability is with an affiliated resort and we don't get our Silver benefits with them."

27th June 2016 - Mr Charles  B, Kent - GVC/Diamond Resorts

"I brought into a timeshare. Cannot afford the management fees but was not allowed to sell.  This was originally with GVC, now Diamond Resorts.  What can I do?"

13th July 2016 - Mr Richard H - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I have both points and fractional points in Diamond (now bought by Apollo) and would like to know how I stand. The points are until 1054 but there appears to be no exit date on the fractional contracts, only the "putting them up for sale" in 15 years from the purchase date with no guarantee of sale!"

10th July 2016 - Mr R B, Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"Time to say goodbye to DRI"

2nd July 2016 - Mrs Jane H, West Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We bought at GVC initially in 2003- told it was easy to book holidays and we would be able to get two weeks. This was not the case and they talked us into buying more points to ensure a two week holiday. We then were told fractional points better and would ensure our children would not have our "debt" of points - this again has proved horrendous for us, paying large amounts for the fraction and also continuing with the maintenance fees.  This is really expensive now and still we have no guarantee of two weeks holiday and end up on holiday with "" or groupon for much less than we pay in maintenance.  We really need some advice."

2nd July 2016 - Mr Geoffrey W, North Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)  

"We would like to leave DRI after being sold GVC points in 1997."

1st July 2016 - Mr David B - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Fractional  

"Paid over £8000, hardly ever used it, but now keep getting threatening letters"

30th June 2016 - Mr Grant P, Aberdeenshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"How do I get out of my points contract?"

29th June 2016 - Mr Alexander M, Fife - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Bought GVC 1997. Since changed hands before Diamond Resorts now own. Management fees ridiculous, availability very difficult. Happy to give them away if I can be free of yearly fees."

28th June 2016 - Mr John S, Shropshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I will be 70 in 2017 and am worried about paying the maintenance fees or being able to use the points."

27th June 2016 - Mrs Donna M, Perthshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I can't afford to pay the massive management fees as I was made redundant ... And I'm still paying off the finance too."

27th June 2016 - Mr Charles  B, Kent - GVC/Diamond Resorts

"I brought into a timeshare. Cannot afford the management fees but was not allowed to sell.  This was originally with GVC, now Diamond Resorts.  What can I do?"

25th June 2016 - Mrs Felicity B, Devon - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"Joined in 1999 (GVC) then Sunterra. Forced to upgrade to Diamond Resorts in 2011."

21st June 2016 - Mr John W, Lancs - DRI Royal Sunset Beach Club, Tenerife    

"Bought with GVC, but  I wrote to them to say I no longer wanted to be a member and stopped making payments. I asked them for a copy of the contract with my signature as proof that I signed for lifetime ... Now I have received a letter from a debt collection company demanding payment."

21st June 2016 - Mr Javed M, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We have a DRI discovery package. Already been charged £600 deposit, signed up in easter break (March 2016).  Paying via finance group Shawbrook, £100 pounds a month.  So far haven't been able to book anything that we actually want and at our time, nothing is ever available. Been told that we can only book from Saturday to Saturday. Completely mis-sold."

20th June 2016 - Mrs Sally W, Surrey - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We do not want compensation, just to get out of Diamond resorts and our ongoing obligation to pay yearly fees."

17th June 2016 - Mr William R, Scottish Borders - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I have been trying to get out of my points now since January 2015 and was referred to Travel & Leisure who took more money to advertise them and sell them.  After 6 months I had heard nothing so I called to be told they had not sold them and would need more money to advertise them again, which I was not happy about.  I asked for a settlement figure to get out of this, for which I got a letter to the effect and they now wanted £5500 plus £3180 in unpaid fees for me to get out.  So I bought points supposedly worth £7500 and they want me to pay them over £8600 just to get out of it.  I am not to happy.  Since then I have had a letter from a debt collection company chasing me for the £3180 in unpaid fees."

13th June 2016 - Mrs Sharon E, Spain - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Bought originally with GVC who transferred to DRI - given no choice but to go with it.  Minimal availability where we have wanted to holiday without putting on the pressure.  Now see others using the resorts for a fraction of the cost through external companies - DRI's response is they have the option to sell their inventory at whatever price they want to.  Circumstances changed and we just want out now, but feel aggrieved and want to look into a claim if possible"

7th June 2016 - Mr Alan C, Gwent - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"GVC 1999, then Sunterra, then DRI points  and finally talked into DRI Fractional in 2013.  Can you help me get out of this and claim something back?"

6th June 2016 - Mrs Linda M, Devon - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Advice required please re our timeshare which is no longer used.  Originally we were told there was a buy back facility but when enquired told this was no longer available."

6th June 2016 - Mrs Rosalyn D, Greater Manchester - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We were encouraged to buy more points so we could use them for flights to USA and car hire, but we can't do either and can never get in anywhere in the UK when trying to book.  This must be false advertising?  Also the maintenance fees also went up because we upgraded to Gold membership, but they still never have availability, even though I could get it through Booking.Com.  The whole thing is a joke."

6th June 2016 - Mrs Colleen B - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Wanting to understand if was mis-sold. And options for exiting contract"

30th May 2016 - Mr Steve R, Nottinghamshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We bought share points with Sunterra a few years ago and feel that diamond resorts pressured us into buying more and more not explaining enough about the management fee's we now have 30,000 points"

29th May 2016 - Mrs S R    Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Need advice on opting out and getting initial fees back."

28th May 2016 -    Mrs Gill B, Gloucestershire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Trying to get out of DRI timeshare. Paid Travel & Leisure £350 to try and sell points but they have failed to sell and I have lost my money."

26th May 2016 - Mrs Jackie O, Hampshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We originally bought into Tempus in Florida which was then taken over by Diamond International in 2004. Since diamond took over we have been coerced into buying more points to get away from a set week and go totally over to a point system. So now paying higher fees.  Becoming increasingly hard to pay the fees, can you help?

25th May 2016 - Mrs Marinda B, London -    Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We signed up with GVC and we were not given the opportunity to opt out when the company changed to Sunterra and then to Diamond Resorts. We want to get rid of this and have signed up with Travel and Leisure and now they are asking for money to find a buyer for our points."

24th May 2016 - Mrs Ann C, Leicestershire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Increased fees don't use it as can never get in . Want to sell and can't."

24th May 2016 - Mrs Sharon J, Wiltshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)  

"We are struggling to find the actual money to pay the management fees and to get enough money together to enjoy the holidays."

20th May 2016 - Mr Barry D, Kent - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We brought points with GVC and then Sunterra, before DRI took over. Not what we brought into. Fees go up and up."

18 May 2016 - Mrs Joan P, Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Bought through GVC, aka Sunterra, now Diamond Resorts, have been unable to pay the ever increasing Mintenance fees but just been advise thats tough. A debt collector will be in touch. We have advised them we feel we were mis-sold, but all along they have maintained their stance that that is just tough luck.. promised exclusive resorts - Now available to anyone via online booking agents, Advised 5* resorts, All advertised as 3* on travel websites. Never told us we would be hounded by Reps when we did go on holiday.. Hate going as I cannot relax for this but still expected to pay for holidays we cannot and do not want to take anymore."

16 May 2016 - Mr Andrew R, Nottinghamshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"We would just like to get out of this.  We were encouraged to buy more and more points, but we are still unable to book where and when we want ..."

12 May 2016 - Ms Patty T - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We bought a deeded contract with Sunterra in 1998 and were coerced into buying into the points system with Diamond Resorts.  Our maintenance fees doubled and have increased yearly."

12 May 2016 - Mrs Rita K, Tyne & Wear - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We joined GVC then it changed to Sunterra.  We are now in our 70s and don't use it very much. My husband and I are in bad health can you help?"

11 May 2016 - Miss Maureen P, Kent - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Pressured into buying more points at each resort you visit, you feel compelled to buy more due to the number of points required at the resorts .Not enough resorts accommodation for the amount of owners making it impossible to use your points so you lose them but still have to pay  the next year's maintenance fees in full before the beginning of the year or you are locked out of booking any resorts. Maintenance fees too high."

10 May 2016 - Mrs Karin G, North Somerset - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Concerned over high maintenance and the thought of being locked in after pension age."

10 May 2016 - Mr Alistair G, North Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I stopped paying a couple of years ago and tried to withdraw but they would hear non of it. They continue to chase me…"

10 May 2016 - Mrs Janet M, Cornwall - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We have been trying to sell our timeshare since August 2014 via Diamonds nominated seller Travel and Leisure. No luck we have reduced the price drastically and are have left it open to offers or rental.  We want rid of it as my husband and I have health issues...  Please can you help?"

10 May 2016 - Mrs C R, Greater Manchester - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"We were mis-sold our GVC Points in 1999 and have a letter from Penny Armstrong, Financial Officer of GVC offering us 'special circumstances' arrangements to continue our ownership. We have to send a copy of this letter to Diamond each year with our maintenance fees to prove the special circumstances.  My husband is retired on a reduced state pension and I have been unemployed since the end of December 2015. We cannot afford to keep the membership.  The contract runs until 2054/5 and would pass automatically to our off-spring which is something we did not appreciate at the time of purchase... We just need to end this contract."

09 May 2016 - Mrs Shelly F, Cheshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Bought the points in Florida in 2006. It was Sunterra, then they were bought out by DRI. We bought 7000 points and won't finish paying for them until Feb next year and only then because I took another loan to pay off original and paid fees as I'd be paying for 25 years otherwise."

09 May 2016 - Ms C S, Aberdeenshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Initially we bought the points with Sunterra over a fixed period for 50 years.  Subsequent company take-overs have meant we've ended up with Diamond Resorts, who stipulated that 50 years contract period be modified to an indefinite period without consulting the owners."

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