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Your way out of Timeshare

Get out of your Timeshare contract, save £££££s in future fee liabilities & claim your money back.

-  Did you pay a Deposit on the day of your Timeshare purchase?

-  Did you use Credit to finance a Timeshare purchase or upgrade?

-  Was finance paid or signed for within the Cooling Off Period?

-  Did you Trade-in/Upgrade to Points, Floating Weeks or Fractional?

-  Are you stuck in a very long-term or "in perpetuity" contract?

-  Have the salesman's promises turned out to be false?

-  Do you just want to get out of Timeshare for good?

Welcome to Timeshare Advice Network, where we provide independent, expert advice to members of Timeshare, Fractional & Holiday Ownership schemes.You are far from alone, as there are approximately 650,000 people in the UK who have been sold into these schemes over the years - and the vast majority of the people who come to us for help can answer YES to one or more of the above.  


The problems tend to start when members try to sell or give up their Timeshares - either by choice or due to changes in personal circumstances - only to find that their Timeshare has no value and, worse still, they are stuck in a contract which commits them to long-term fee liabilities for something they can no longer use.


The good news is that a series of high-profile legal cases against Timeshare scheme operators such as Anfi, Club La Costa, Silverpoint and Diamond Resorts have set wide-reaching Legal precedents which mean there has never been a better time to extract yourself from unwanted Timeshare and potentially claim some/all of your money back. 

Timeshare Advice Network is completely independent of the Timeshare sales and management companies and so-called "Industry Bodies" who are funded (either directly or indirectly) by the Timeshare fees you pay... so the advice we provide is entirely unbiased.


For independent, expert advice on getting out of your Timeshare scheme and fee commitments - and to see if the recent legal precedents give you grounds to claim some or all of you money, please complete our short enquiry form. or call one of our friendly advisers now on 01628 290499

26th February 2018 - Mrs Julia P - RCI Fixed Week

"We own week 25 in Mallorca. We were hijacked off of the street and put into a cab, then sold a blue week under the pretence we could swap it for a red. Since then we have tried to sell it back to them only to be told that we needed to buy into another scheme called the Ambassadors Club. We are unable to holiday anywhere else due to having to pay the maintenance fees or lose our money. This cost about £15000 to purchase. Do we have a claim?"  Read More...

24th February 2018 - Miss Camilla M - Club La Costa Points

"Never possible to book anything, not possible to use referral system, very difficult to get any information from CLC.  This is only costing us money, more every year, and we get nothing for it."   Read More...

19th February 2018 - Ms J B - Diamond Resorts Points

"First bought into Sunterra approximately 1999, then subsequently converted to Diamond Resorts points.  Recently advised to increase points in order to relinquish lease which would be the first step if there were ever to be a buy-back option.  Now seeing decreased availability and increasing need for points escalating yearly."    Read More...

18th February 2018 - Mr Dean F, Somerset - Anfi 

"We were sold a timeshare at Anfi del Mar in 2005 for a fixed week.  They said it was in perpetuity and my contract states unlimited.  Is this legal?"    Read More...

To read more recent comments from other Timeshare owners who have turned to us for help and advice, please click here

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